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Face 2 face intermediate workbook

Face 2 face intermediate workbook

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

weekend activities; likes and dislikes; adjectives to describe feelings; prepositions with adjectives question forms; positive and negative verb forms, words and phrases
Reading and Writing Portfolio 1 Reading a letter about a holiday
p64 ‘s'j
an question tags
Writing informal letters: ellipsis of words
2 We haven’t got time
ШШШШ work collocations; in the kitchen; sleep; gradable and strong adjectives; adverbs
modal verbs (1); be able to, be allowed to, be supposed to; Present Continuous and Present Simple showing concern, giving and responding to advice
3 The tourist trade p15
тшШШв phrasai verbs (i): travel; phrases with travel, get and go on; word formation (1): suffixes for adjectives and nouns
Present Perfect Simple; Present Perfect Continuous and Present Perfect Simple asking for and making recommendations
4 Bom to be wild p2Q
ШШШШШ music collocations; character adjectives; guessing meaning from context; adjectives to describe behaviour
Past Simple and Past Continuous; used to; Past Perfect «11» softening opinions and making generalisations
5 Home truths p25
ВИД homes; phrasal verbs (2); verb patterns (1); materials ШШШШШ making comparisons; the future; will, be going to. Present Continuous fill explaining what you need
6 Decisions and choices p30
МЯ make and do; reflexive pronouns; synonyms
ЯШЯД1 first conditional; future time clauses; zero conditional; conditionals with modal verbs and imperatives; in case
mam discussion language
7 Technology p35
ШШШШ computers (1) and (2); electrical equipment; use of articles: a, an, the, no article ability; second conditional indirect and direct questions
Real World
Real World
8 One world p40
ДШШЯ weather; containers; word formation (2): prefixes and opposites, other prefixes and suffixes the passive; quantifiers warnings and advice
Answer Key
9 Look after yourself
ШШШШ health; news collocations; connecting words: although, even though, despite, in spite of, however; health problems, symptoms and treatment
relative clauses with who. that, which, whose, where and when: Present Perfect Simple active and passive for recent events
ТШ91 at the doctor’s
10 Happy ever after?
ШШШ.Ш contacting people; describing people; phrasal verbs (3): meanings ana grammar и was/were going to, was! were supposed to: modal verbs (2): making deductions
; .asking for, giving and refusing permission
Reading and Writing Portfolio 2 p66
Reading notices
Writing notices: abbreviations
Reading and Writing Portfolio 3 p68 f
Reading formal letters J
Writing formal letters: American and British English J
Reading and Writing Portfolio 4 p70 ;
Reading book reviews
Writing book reviews: organisation, useful phrases
Reading and Writing Portfolio 5 p72
Reading : an informal email
Writing short emails and notes: useful phrases |
Reading and Writing Portfolio 6 p74
Reading an article and two letters about pocket money Writing giving an opinion
Reading and Writing Portfolio 7 p76
Reading instructions
Writing instructions: connecting words (1), useful phrases
Reading and Writing Portfolio 8 p78
Reading letters to a newspaper about problems in towns
Writing letters to a newspaper, organisation, connecting
words (2), the passive ,
Reading and Writing Portfolio 9 p80 \
Reading a job advertisement; a letter of application [
Writing letters of application: organisation, useful phrases |
11 All part of the job
ШШШШ things people do at work; adiectives to describe jobs; reporting verbs; verb patterns (2): reporting verbs
renortfiri sneenh- sentences questions, requests and imperatives «11Я1 checking information
12 Real or Imaginary
ШШШШ informal words and phrases; phrases with get: word formation (3): word families (1) and (2) wishes; third conditional
Reading and Writing Portfolio 10 p82 l
Reading a description of a good friend j
Writing descriptions of people; organisation, useful phrases J
Reading and Writing Portfolio 11 p84 j
Reading a story about an interview
Writing verb forms in stories j
Reading and Writing Portfolio 12 p86 j
Reading descriptions of important moments