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Face 2 Face upper intermediate Student's book

Face 2 Face upper intermediate Student's book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Grammar and Real World
1A A global language p6 language ability the English verb system Who owns English?
1B My first week p8 education uses of auxiliaries
1C Making the grade p10 verb patterns (1) Under examination
1D Evening classes p12 Real World keeping a conversation going 1
1 Review and Progress Portfolio p13 Г
2 Time for a change CD-ROM rmsm r  t
2A It’s bad for you! p14 expressing frequency present and past habits, repeated actions and states So what is good for me? X-  !  1
2B Life’s different here p16 feelings and opinions be used to, get used to Letter from abroad " T  5
2C Managing my time p18 word building (1): suffixes Timely tips
2D 1 see your point p20 Real World discussion language (1): agreeing and disagreeing politely
2 Review and Progress Portfolio p21
3 It’s against the law CD-ROM
3A Honesty p22 types of crime, criminals and crime verbs second conditional; alternatives for if How honest are you?
3B It’s a crime p24 crime and punishment third conditional An unsuccessful robbery '
3C Identity theft p26 verbs and prepositions Protect your identity
3D Do you need any help? p28 Real World making, refusing and accepting offers
3 Review and Progress Portfolio p29
4 Telling stories CD-ROM P¥H1
4A Urban legends p30 phrasal verbs (1) narrative verb forms; Past Perfect Continuous It must be true ..,
4B Magical novels p32 books and reading defining, non-defining and reduced relative clauses Book reviews
4C Very funny! p34 connecting words: reason and contrast April Fool!
4D How was your day? p36 ways of exaggerating Real World saying you’re surprised or not surprised
4 Review and Progress Portfolio p37
5 Nature’s best CD ROM ГВИ
5A Keeping koi p38 animals ways of comparing Living jewels
SB The global garden p40 plants and gardens future verb forms; Future Continuous The Eden Project
5C That smells nice! p42 back referencing The history of flowers
5D Ecological footprints p44 adjectives for giving opinions Real World discussion language (2): opinions How big is your ecological footprint?
5 Review and Progress Portfolio p45
6 Breaking codes CD-ROM ШЕЗ
6A Codes of conduct p46 phrases with take uses of verb+ing What every visitor to England needs to know
6B He’s got no manners p48 compound adjectives describing character modal verbs (1); levels of certainty about the future
6C Hidden messages p50 guessing meaning from context Codes through the ages ______
6D Am l interrupting? p52 Real World polite interruptions
6 Review and Progress Portfolio p53 '
Help with Listening and Help with Fluency
Extended Speaking
An English learner profile
Two university students contractions A one-minute conversation
Exam stories sentence stress and rhythm Exam experiences
Doing evening classes Help with Fluency sentence stress and rhythm Conversations about everyday topics
Reading and Writing Portfolio 1 WB p64
Two people’s eating habits Old and new habits Your eating habits
Discussion about things that you’re used to, etc. Things your family are used to, etc.
Saving time linking (1): consonant-vowel links; linking Irl sounds How organised are you?
Problems with young children Song Complicated Help with Fluency linking (1): consonant-vowel links; linking Irl sounds Discussion about controversial statements
Reading and Writing Portfolio 2 WB p66
Honesty questions
Gun crime third conditional How life would have been different Your imaginary past
A lawyer-client meeting weak forms Discussion of real-life crimes
A phone conversation Help with Fluency sentence stress and weak forms (1) Asking for help
Reading and Writing Portfolio 3 WB p68
Famous urban legends Two urban legends
Completing a story
A practical joke predicting what comes next Telling a true story Using connecting words in sentences
A nightmare day  Song / Heard it Through the Grapevine Help with Fluency sentence stress Good day or bad day
Reading and Writing Portfolio 4 WB p70
Comparing things Comparing places, people or things
A trip to the Eden Project Life in the year 2050 Personal plans and arrangements
The history of perfume homophones Designing a new perfume or aftershave
A conversation about ecological footprints Help with Fluency linking and contractions Discussions about the environment
Reading and Writing Portfolio 5 WB p72
Tins for a British tourist in your country Tips on social codes
A difficult colleague The next two weeks The future of people you know
Breaking codes linking (2): /w/, /j/ and Irl sounds Types of code
___ A day at the office intonation: being polite Two conversations
Reading and Writing Portfolio 6 WB p74