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Face 2 Face Upper Intermediate Workbook

Face 2 Face Upper Intermediate Workbook

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Vocabulary Grammar and Real World Reading and Writing
1 A life of learning P5 1 Portfolio 1 p64
language ability; education; verb patterns (1) the English verb system; uses of auxiliaries Real World keeping a conversation going Reading an article about learning languages Writing planning and drafting an article
2 Time for a change p1G ) Portfolio 2 p66
expressing frequency; feelings and opinions; word building (1): suffixes present and past habits, repeated actions and states; be used to, get used to  Real World discussion language (1): agreeing and disagreeing politely Reading two letters to a newspaper Writing giving emphasis
3 It’s against the law p15 \  j Portfolio 3 p68
crimes, criminals and crime verbs; crime and punishment; verbs and prepositions second conditional; alternatives for if, third conditional Real World making, refusing and accepting offers Reading a police leaflet about personal safety Writing leaflets; giving advice
4 Telling stories p20 1 Portfolio 4 p70
phrasal verbs (1); books and reading; connecting words: reason and contrast; ways of exaggerating narrative verb forms; Past Perfect Continuous; defining,  non-defining and reduced relative clauses  Real World saying you’re surprised or not surprised Reading a biography of Johnny Depp Writing a short biography: avoiding repetition; adding detail and personal comment
5 Nature’s best p25 i | Portfolio 5 p72
animals; plants and gardens; back referencing; adjectives for giving opinions ways of comparing; future verb forms;  Future Continuous  Real World discussion language (2): opinions Reading a science presentation Writing the language of presentations
6 Breaking codes рзо ''j Portfolio 6 p74
phrases with take: compound adjectives describing character; guessing meaning from context uses of verb+ing; modal verbs (1); levels of certainty Reading a description of a place  about the future Writing describing places: reduced relative clauses,  Real World polite interruptions strong adjectives
7 Small world p35 ^ Portfolio 7 p76
state verbs; business and trade; the Internet; word building (2): prefixes; on the phone simple and continuous aspects; activity and state Reading a leaflet, an article, an email, notes and a verbs; Present Perfect Simple and Present Perfect fundraising letter Continuous . Writing semi-forma! letters: including relevant Real World problems on the phone information
8 Making ends meet p40 ''j Portfolio 8 p78
dealing with money; phrasal verbs (2): money; synonyms wishes (1): / hope...; It’s timewishes (2): should Reading an article reporting on consumer spending have Writing generalising: giving examples Real World apologising
Answer key pi-viii
9 Out and about p45 1 Portfolio 9 p80
the cmema; entertainment adjectives; homonyms the passive; as, like, such as, so, such Reading a review of two websites  Real World making and responding Writing reviews: beginning reviews, useful phrases  to suggestions
10 The great divide p50 “ \  Portfolio 10 p82
household jobs; male, female and neutral words; compound nouns and adjectives have!get something done, get someone to do Reading an article about combining parenthood and something, do something yourself; quantifiers career  Rea! World adding emphasis Writing a discursive article: common connecting words
• “ —— “N  11 Making a living p55 j Portfolio 11 p84
work collocations; business collocations; verb patterns (2): reporting verbs; advertising describing future events; Future Perfect; reported Reading two emails asking for and giving information speech Writing making arrangements in informal and more Real World discussion language (3) formal emails
12 That’s weird! peo 'l Portfolio 12 pS6
colloquial words/phrases; news collocations; idioms modal verbs (2): deduction in the present and the past; Reading a personal email about a ghostly experience past forms of modals and related verbs Writing a personal email about an experience:  common mistakes