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Face2face Advanced Teacher's book second edition

Face2face Advanced Teacher's book second edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Welcome to face2face Second edition!
face2face Second edition p4
face2face Second edition
Advanced Components p4
A Guide to the Student’s Book p6
The face2face Approach pii
Teacher’s DVD: Instructions р12
Self-study DVD-ROM
Instructions p13
The Common European
Framework (CEFR) pie
Teaching Tips p22
Teaching Notes
Lessons 1A-C p26
Lessons 2A-C p37
Lessons 3A-C p46
Lessons 4A-C p55
Lessons 5A-C p65
Lessons 6A-C p74
Lessons 7A-C p83
Lessons 8A-C p93
Lessons 9A-C p101
Lessons ЮА-С p110
Photocopiable Materials
Instructions p119
Unit 2 p121
Unit 3 p122
Unit 4 p122
Unit 5 p123
Unit 6 p123
Unit 7 p124
Unit 8 p124
Unit 9 p125
Unit 10 p125
Class Activities
Instructions p126
1A Getting to know you p137
1B Student survey p138
1C In other words, ... p139
2A The great brain game p140
2B Survival at sea p141
2C Tourism role play p142
ЗА Connotation crossword p143
3B This is my life p144
3C. Tactful or tactless? p145
1-3 Review: Board game p146
4A No comment! p147
4B Guess the word p148
4C The powers of persuasion p149 5A Prefix pelmanism p150
5B Picture story p151
5C Carry on talking p152
6A Anti-social behaviour p153
6B Grab a word game p154
6CWhatajoke! p155
4-6 Review: Cash quiz p156
7A You said it! p158
7B Fact or fiction? p159
7C Crime circle p160
8A The council meeting p161
8B The thrill-seekers p163
8C What a dilemma! p164
9A Verb dominoes p165
9B My partner p166
9C Entrepreneur enterprises p167 7-9 Review: Across the board p168 10A Secret auction p170
10B Give me the sentence p171
ЮС A problem shared p172
Vocabulary Plus
Instructions p173
1 Vague language p176
2 Guessing the meaning of unknown words p177
3 Health idioms p178
4 Words used in news headlines p179
5 Phrasal verbs with out, back and down p180
6 New words p181
7 Law and crime p182
8 Stress patterns in long words p183
9 Money expressions p184
10 Success and failure p185
Help with Listening  Instructions p186
1 Monologues p192
2 Taking part in a conversation p193
3 Leaving things out p194
4 Disagreeing p195
5 Problems and solutions p196
6 Asides p197
7 Opinions p198
8 Small words p199
9 Different uses of that p200
10 Presenting information p201
Video Scripts p202
Progress Tests  Instructions p208
Answer Key and Audio Scripts p208
Progress Test 1 p212
Progress Test 2 p214
Progress Test 3 · p216
Progress Test 4 p218
Progress Test 5 p220
Progress Test 6 p222
Progress Test 7 p224
Progress Test 8 p226
Progress Test 9 p228
Progress Test 10 p230
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