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Face2face elementary Student's book second edition cambridge

Face2face elementary Student's book second edition cambridge

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

1 Lesson Vocabulary Grammar Real World
Welcome! p6 numbers 0-20; the alphabet; things in the classroom; days of the week introducing yourself; classroom instructions; names; saying goodbye
1A How are you? P8 countries and nationalities be{ 1): positive and Wh- questions; subject pronouns and possessive adjectives introducing people
1B Coffee break p10 jobs; a and an be(2): negative, yes/no questions and short answers
1C Personal details p12 numbers 20-100 asking for personal details; asking people to repeat things
1D Lost property p14 personal possessions; plurals; this, that, these, those
Extra Practice 1 and Progress Portfolio 1 p115 Щ Self-study DVD- -ROM 1
2A What’s important? p16 adjectives (1);  adjective word order and very have got: positive and negative, questions and short answers
2B The Browns p18 family possessive's
2C Time and money p20 time words telling the time; talking about the time; saying prices; buying tickets at the cinema
2D Where’s the baby? p22 things in a house; prepositions of place
Extra Practice 2 and Progress Portfolio 2 p116 ^ Self-study DVD- ROM 2
3A My day p24 daily routines Present Simple (1): positive and Wh-questions (//you/ we/ they)
3B Free time p26 free time activities (1);  time phrases with on, in, at, every Present Simple (2): negative and yes/no questions (// you /we/they)
3C Special days p28 months, dates phrases for special days; talking about days and dates; suggestions
3D Early bird? p30 frequency adverbs subject and object pronouns
Extra Practice 3 and Progress Portfolio 3 p117 Щ Self-study DVD-ROM 3
4A Away from home p32 free time activities (2) Present Simple (3): positive and negative (he/she/it)
4B First Date! p34 things you like and don't like, verb+mg Present Simple (4): questions and short answers (he/she/it)
4C Eating out p36 food and drink (1) requests and offers
4D Breakfast time p38 food and drink (2), countable and uncountable nouns
Extra Practice 4 and Progress Portfolio 4 p118 Self-study DVD- ROM 4
5A Three generations p40 adjectives (2); years Past Simple (1): be (positive and negative, questions and short answers)
5B Famous films p42 life events Past Simple (2): regular and irregular verbs (positive and Wh- questions)
5C Four weekends p44 weekend activities showing interest, asking follow-up questions
5D Competitions p46 adjectives (3),  adjectives with very, really, quite, too
Extra Practice 5 and Progress Portfolio 5 p119 {^jjj Self-study DVD- ROM 5
6A Google it! p48 the internet Past Simple (3): negative, yes/no questions and short answers
6B Changing technology p50 mobile phones and TVs; past time phrases can/can’t] could/couldn't
6C The news p52 verbs from news stories talking about the news
6D Mario Man p54 articles; a, an and the