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Face2face elementary Workbook with key second edition

Face2face elementary Workbook with key second edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Speaking Listening and Video Reading Writing
Talking about myself Another student's life Celebrity profile: Jamie Oliver Celebrity profile: Jamie Oliver Questions with question words
People’s jobs How 1 travel  Day-to-day life in my home Help with Listening Word stress Three commuters Super Commuters 2 Subject and non-subject questions
My free time activities A class free time survey The British way of life?  A free time survey  Help with Listening Sentence stress (1) The British way of life? Sentences about my free time A class free time survey
The last party 1 went to Conversations at a party ■'«»№*■ Matt and Carol’s party A conversation at a party
HELP WITH PRONUNCIATION The schwa /з/ and word endings p13 Reading and Writing Portfolio 1 Staying in touch Workbook p64
Fast food  When did you last... ? My special meal The man behind KFC The Michelin guides Past Simple questions
A married couple I know How Helen met Simon How Ray met Claire  Help with Listening Weak forms (1): was and were
An interesting story The Girl from Petrovka  Help with Listening Weak forms (2): the schwa /з/ That’s incredible!
Internet dating Jackie's first date BES5F Jackie’s second date An online profile Sentences about me
HELP WITH PRONUNCIATION Past Simple: regular verbs p21 Reading and Writing Portfolio 2 An email with news Workbook p66
Things I have to do Help with Listening have to and have An interpreter and a paramedic A referee’s training Sentences about my job Questions with have to
Unemployment Find someone who ... Letters to the editor
Jobs I'd like and hate Unpopular jobs Is that a real job?  Help with Listening Linking (1): consonant-vowel I'm just doing my job!
A conversation about a difficult situation DB A table for ten A conversation about a difficult situation
HELP WITH PRONUNCIATION Word stress (1) p29 Reading and Writing Portfolio 3 Applying for a job Workbook p68
My film-watching habits The last film I saw A famous face?  A Marilyn Monroe lookalike True and false sentences about my life experiences
My music  Interview with a rock star Musical experiences Three conversations  Help with Listening Linking (2): /w/ sounds Questions with Have you ever... ?
Questions about TV -edand -/n<? questions Are you a telly addict?  Help with Listening Linking (3): /г/ and /j/ sounds A TV questionnaire Kill your TV!
Free education Agree or disagree? ВШ5Ж University education University education
HELP WITH PRONUNCIATION The final ep37 Reading and Writing Portfolio 4 A great film Workbook p70
The environment Life in the future Our future - the Earth in 2030 Help with Listening ’//and won't Four people’s futures Questions with Do you think... will... ? Sentences with will, won't or might
Retirement  Find someone who ... Retirement plans  Help with Listening going to My plans, hopes and ambitions Yes/No questions
My wildlife experiences How to help the environment Elephant corridors  Help with Listening Sentence stress (2) Face-to-face with a gorilla
Charities  Organising a charity event Btafr AWWF charity event A WWF charity event
HELP WITH PRONUNCIATION The letter g p45 Reading and Writing Portfolio 5 Which school? Workbook p72
Comparing me and someone I know When I was a teenager Living with the enemy Sentences comparing me and my family
The roles I play in life My family tree Jake’s wedding
Soap operas The next episode Family Business Parts 1 and 2 Help with Listening Missing words Soap update: Family Business
Using the phone  Taking and leaving messages чин» Can I take a message? A phone conversation