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Face2face intermediate student's book

Face2face intermediate student's book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата


. We haven’t got time
Slowdown! pi 2
work collocations
modal verbs (1); be able to, be allowed to, be supposed to
2B Ready, steady, eat p14
in the kitchen
Present Continuous and Present Simple
20 it’s a nightmare p1€
«ЖШ!» sleep; gradable and strong adjectives; adverbs
Listening: A sleep scientist; Reading: I just can’t sleep! weak forms (1)
2D What’s the matter? pi 8
showing concern, giving and responding to advice intonation (1): showing concern
2 Review and Progress Portfolio p19
Reading and Writing Portfolio 2
The tourist trade cd-rom I» mm а
ЗА Your holiday, my job p2.0
'A phrasal verbs (1): travel
Present Perfect Simple: experience, unfinished past and recent events Present Perfect Simple or Past Simple
3B Lonely Planet
phrases with travel, get and go on
Present Perfect Continuous and Present Perfect Simple
30 Call that a holiday? p24
word formation (1): suffixes for adjectives and nouns ozsm Listening: Cal! that a holiday?; Reading: Holiday reviews . linking (1): consonant-vowel links
3D A trip to India p2S
asking for and making recommendations
3 Review and Progress Portfolio p27
Reading and Writing Portfolio 3 Workbook p68
Home truths cd-rowi Ц?
5A Moving house p3G
making comparisons
SB' A load of old junk p3S
phrasal verbs (2)
: the future: will, be going to, Present Continuous the future
■ verb patterns (1)
ШЖТШ. Reading: A furniture empire; Listening: Shopping at IKEA j;j lyi;;fillers and false starts
5D Is this what you mea>?‘ pA2
explaining what you need
5 Review and Progress Portfolio p48
Reading and Writing Portfolio 5 Workbook p72
! ; - Decisions and choices
SA Make up your mind make and do
first conditional and future time clauses
SB Protective parents pm
reflexive pronouns
zero conditional; conditionals with imperatives and modal verbs; in case
zero or first conditional
60 Touch wood synonyms
Listening: The history of superstitions; Reading: Learn to be lucky sentence stress (3)
discussion language
6 Review and Progress Portfolio Reading and Writing Portfolio 6