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Face2face, Intermediate Student's Book, 2nd Edition

Face2face, Intermediate Student's Book, 2nd Edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

^ How do you feel? cd-rom
1A Be happy! p4
mmm weekend activities question forms и questions with you
1B Love it or hate it p6
■чина likes and dislikes
positive and negative verb forms, words and phrases m sentence stress (1)
1C The best medicine p8
m adjectives to describe feelings; prepositions with adjectives Listening: How we relax; Reading: Laugh? I feel better already! i—ма» sentence stress (2)
1D At a barbecue рЮ
question tags
1 Review and Progress Portfolio p11
Reading and Writing Portfolio 1 Workbook p64
Help with Listenin
Help with Listenin
И We haven’t got time cd-rom |
2A Slow down!
шшшаш work collocations
ЯН1МЖМ' modal verbs (1); be able to, be allowed to, be supposed to
2B Ready, steady, eat
m in the kitchen
Present Continuous and Present Simple
O 2A-D
WZ-0:37J.3Z(m. 2J
Born to be wild
O 4A-D
4A Riders
■Ш.ШВГ music collocations Mtilrli'iIj'iLM Past Simple and Past Continuous; used to
4B Adventurers
character adjectives ДШШД Past Perfect езззжашм* Past Perfect or Past Simple
4C Natural medicines
 guessing meaning from context ИЕШПЮ Reading: Nature’s little helpers; Listening: Life in the jungle ЩЯИШВИВМ linking (2): /w/, /j/ and /г/ sounds
4D It’s just a game! p34
softening opinions and making generalisations 1ТЙ1ШШЯ adjectives to describe behaviour 4 Review and Progress Portfolio p35
Reading and Writing Portfolio 4 Workbook p70
Home truths
5А Moving house
iшит homes
making comparisons
CD-ROM ■ ®
2C It’s a nightmare
ДИВ1 sleep; gradable and strong adjectives; adverbs
Listening: A sleep scientist; Reading: I just can’t sleep! weak forms (1)
Real World
2D What’s the matter?
showing concern, giving and responding to advice intonation (1): showing concern
2 Review and Progress Portfolio Reading and Writing Portfolio 2
Ea The tourist trade
Workbook p66
5B A load of old junk
ffiWSCTWfe phrasal verbs (2)
the future: will, be going to, Present Continuous 3 the future
5C Flatpack world p40
33 verb patterns (1)
Reading: A furniture empire; Listening: Shopping at IKEA ESI fillers and false starts
5D Is this what you mean? p42
ilffltWittlH explaining what you need 5 Review and Progress Portfolio p43
Reading and Writing Portfolio 5 Workbook p72
Help with Listenin
Help with Listeni
3A Your holiday, my job
phrasal verbs (1): travel ■доим Present Perfect Simple: experience, unfinished past and recent events 1ГЙ?|УЛш11япшпт:г! Present Perfect Simple or Past Simple
3B Lonely Planet p’22
■ШМДО1! phrases with travel, get and go on
■Hbl.'.I.'.bl1» Present Perfect Continuous and Present Perfect Simple
3C Call that a holiday? p24
!'И!Ш1'1Ш1 word formation (1): suffixes for adjectives and nouns Listening: Call that a holiday?; Reading: Holiday reviews m linking (1): consonant-vowel links
3D A trip to India p26
i:t^lV/iflhi asking for and making recommendations 3 Review and Progress Portfolio p27
Reading and Writing Portfolio 3 Workbook p68
K-fl Decisions and choices
6A Make up your mind
33 make and do
first conditional and future time clauses
Help with Listenin
p I in
los български университет
Нов български университет Библиотека
N313 София ул. Монтевидео 21А
6B Protective parents
13 reflexive pronouns
zero conditional; conditionals with imperatives and modal verbs; in case
zero or first conditional
6C Touch wood p48
ГШШВТИ> synonyms
!И^1?11ЯЯ| Listening: The history of superstitions; Reading: Learn to be lucky Д1ЯВГОП8fctштш’ sentence stress (3)
6D What’s your opinion? p50
IliffliiMflfr discussion language
6 Review and Progress Portfolio p51
Reading and Writing Portfolio 6 Workbook p7