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Face2face, Intermediate Teacher's Book, 2nd Edition

Face2face, Intermediate Teacher's Book, 2nd Edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Welcome to face2face Second edition!
face2face Second edition p4
face2face Second edition Intermediate Components p4
New Features of face2face Second edition Intermediate p5
A Guide to the Student’s Book p6
Teacher’s DVD Instructions p10
Self-study DVD-ROM Instructions p11
The Common European Framework (CEFR) p14
English Vocabulary Profile p15
CEFR Tables: Listening and Reading p16
CEFR Tables: Speaking and Writing p18
The face2face Approach p20
Teaching Tips , p21
Classroom Activities and Games p24
Photocopiable Materials
Class Activities
1A Our free time 1C Preposition bubbles 1D Make it snappy!
2A World rules 2B Opening night 2C The absolutely amazing game!
3B The world’s greatest traveller
3C Suffix dominoes 3D Blockbuster 4A Celebrity engagement 4B Rainforest adventure 4C Adjective crossword 5A House hunting 5B Look'into the future 5C Who said what? .
6A Men and women j 6C Synonyms bingo 6D Round the board
p161 p162
p163 p164 p167 pi 68 p169 p170 p171 p172 p173 p174 p175
7A Guess my name p177
7B The conditional game p178
Teaching Notes 7C Article auction pi 79
Lessons 1A-D p26 8A Passive knowledge p180
Lessons 2A-D p38 8B The airport • p181
Lessons 3A-D p47 8C Beginnings and endings p183
Lessons 4A-D p57 9A Fighting fit ■ p184
Lessons 5A-D p67 9B Perfect circles p185
Lessons 6A-D p77 9D Noughts and crosses p186
Lessons 7A-D p86 10A Excuses, excuses! p188
Lessons 8A-D p96 10B Where’s Robin? "0_  oo  CD
Lessons 9A-D p106 10C Go up the ladder p190
Lessons 10A-D p115 11A Work dominoes p191
Lessons 11A-D p124 11B Teach your own language p192
Lessons 12A-C p133 11C Spy school p193
12A Wish list p194
12B get stories pi 96
Vocabulary Plus •
Instructions p197
1 -edl-ing adjectives p201
2 Food and drink p202
3 Travelling by car p203
4 Compound adjectives for
character p204
5 Shopping p205
6 Antonyms p206
7 Computer and TV verbs p207
8 Weather conditions p208
9 Injuries and health problems p209
10 Moods and relationships p210
11 Working life p211
12 Phrasal verbs for plans p212
Extra Reading
Instructions p213
1 Happiness p217
2 Sleepwalkers p218
3 A unique experience p219
4 Born to sail p220
5 Trash or treasure? p221
6 Great failures p222
7 Christian the lion p223
8 Riding the waves p224
9 Brain food p225
10 Lost and found p226
11. Jobs you didn’t know
you wanted p227
12 Turning points p228
Study Skills
Instructions p229
1 Independent learning p231
2 Using dictionaries for
pronunciation p232
3 Developing reading skills p233
4 Collocations p234
Progress Tests
Instructions Answer Key and Audio
Progress Test 1 Progress Test 2 Progress Test 3 Progress Test 4 Progress Test 5 Progress Test 6 Progress Test 7 Progress Test 8 Progress Test 9 Progress Test 10 Progress Test 11 Progress Test 12
p235 Scripts p235 p240 p242 p244 p246 p248 p250 p252 p254 p256