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Face2Face Pre-intermediate Students book

Face2Face Pre-intermediate Students book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

; Blffi day-to-day phrases; question words
review of verb forms and questions
1B Super commuters  work; questions about travel subject questions word stress
1C Time to relax
free time activities; do, play, go, go to; frequency adverbs and expressions
Reading: The British way of life?; Listening: A free time survey
That’s entertainment!
p4 4A The silver screen
f ' fgill types of film; past participles
Present Perfect for life experiences (1): positive and negative
рб ; 4B The rhythm of life p30
: ШШШ1 niusic
p*, r Present Perfect for life experiences (2): questions with ever linking (2): /w/ sounds
p8 : 4C TV or not TV?
jfj TV nouns and verbs; -ed and -ing adjectives
Listening: Are you a telly addict?; Reading: Kill your TV! linking (3): Irl and /j/ sounds
T;; sentence stress (1) 4-D What do you think? p34
1D Speed dating p10 KjKfK agreeing, disagreeing and asking for opinions
finding things in common 4 Review and Progress Portfolio p35
1 Review and Progress Portfolio Reading and Writing Portfolio 1 pH  Workbook p64 Reading and Writing Portfolio 4 Workbook p70
... _ Into the future cl ЯЪ 5A-D M
: - Beginnings ij-FSk mmm* = - ■ • v • ■■  5A Man or machine? p3G
2A Starting small  ■ЩШШ irregular verbs; past time phrases pi 2 verb-noun collocations (1)  w/7/for prediction; might, wili be able to
Past Simple
2B First meetings ШМШ» relationships (1)
Past Continuous: positive, negative and questions weak forms (1): was and were
2G The 1001 Nights
11 connecting words (1)
Reading: 1001 Nights; Reading and Listening: Shahrazad’s story weak forms (2): the schwa hi
2D Small talk
IlSlli starting and ending conversations 2 Review and Progress Portfolio Reading and Writing Portfolio 2
The world of work
3A Getting qualified employment
have to/had to
have to and have
3B Job-hunting
looking for a job
pi 8 p19
Workbook p©6
faunas Present Continuous and Present Simple; activity and state verbs
3C Strange jobs
word building: noun endings
Listening: Strange jobs; Reading: A knife-throwers assistant Sinking (1): consonant-vowel
3D l5m really sorry! p26
apologies, reasons and promises
3 Review and Progress Portfolio p27
Reading and Writing Portfolio 3 Workbook p68
I 7/and won’t
SB Never too old mmm verb-noun collocations (2)
future plans and ambitions: be going to, be planning to, etc. going to
5C Out of this world шшшт verbs and prepositions
fa Reading- Holidays in space. Listening: Mars: the red planet linking, leview (1)
ПD Pi’s for charily
> ,< offers, suggestions and requests
5 Review and Progress Portfolio Reading and Writing Portfolio 5
r p43
Workbook p72
niily and friends
©A Lite with ' - ' Tcharacter adjectives
, , making oompaiironi; ' omparatives, a lot, much, a bit, (not) as
6B Roles |
, supeilatives
6C FairtiS d48
B5I piefixes and opposites of adjectives: un-, in-, im~, dis-
Reading: Soap update; Listening: Family Business missing words
6D Cali me back pSO
mmm leaving phone messages on the phone
6 Review and Progress Portfolio . p51