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Family and friends 3 Class Book 2nd Edition

Family and friends 3 Class Book 2nd Edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Words Grammar Phonics Skills
My things/ phrasal verbs Collections
Present simple: be
Where are you from? I'm from Egypt.
Consonant blends:
cr: crayon dr: draw, drink sp :spoon sn: snake
pl ‘-play
Reading: a story: The Lazy Bear
Listening: identifying details about age, birthday, country and favourite j season
| Speaking: asking and answering about age, country and favourite I season
I Writing: capitalizing proper nouns and sentence beginnings; writing I about myself (Workbook-WB)
like + verb + ing Magic e: " - — ~ - 1  R: a hobbies forum
I like reading. I don't like fishing. a_e: face, space L: identifying details about different penfriends
Does he like playing chess? j i_e: kite, bike S: choosing a penfriend based on hobbies
Yes, he does./No, he doesn't. o_e: rope, stone W: full forms and short forms of be and have; writing an email about my
\ u _e: June, cube hobbies (WB)
| your / our / their Words with an R: a school project
That's their CD player. car, park, shark, star, L: identifying details about collections
Can for permission / requests scarf S: talking about collections
Can I use your computer? W: punctuation marks: question marks, commas and full stops; writing
Yes, you can./No, you can’t. about a child's collection (WB)
Extensive reading: Family
Water sports Adjectives to describe places
‘ 4 ... .
Present continuous: affirmative and negative
I’m swimming.
She isn't snorkelling.
all endings:
ball, mall, wall, tall, small
R: a holiday brochure
L: identifying details about beach activities S: describing what you like doing on the beach W: spelling rules for the present continuous; writing a postcard about my trip (WB)
Zoo animals Adjectives to describe emotions and things
Present continuous: questions and short answers
Is the crocodile eating the sandwich? Yes, it is. /No, it isn't.
or and aw spellings:
or: fork, horse, corn aw: straw, paw, yawn
R: a story; The Lion and the Mouse L: identifying different frames of a cartoon strip S: describing different frames of a cartoon strip
W: using speech marks; writing a fact file about animals (WB)
Daily routine Time words
Present simple: affirmative, negative and questions
I have breakfast at eight o'clock. Do they live in a big house?
Yes, they do./No, they don't.
oy and oi spellings: R: a website: Cyber School
oy: boy, toy, oyster L: identifying details about a student's day
oi: coin, oil, soil S: describing daily routine
W: proper nouns; writing information about me (WB)
Extensive reading: Animals
page 54
Places in town Present simple and adverbs of ow and ou spellings: R: a film review
Performances frequency: ow: cow, clown, flower L: identifying details about free time activities
always, sometimes, never ou: house, trousers, S: describing free time activities
I sometimes go to the library. Prepositions of time: on, at, in  My birthday is in May. mouse W: verbs, adjectives and prepositions; writing an invitation email (WB)
© I'd like a melon! page 62
Food Countable and uncountable nouns a, an, some  I'd like a melon.  Would you like some cereal?  Yes, please. /No, thanks. Id and /tendings:  Id: child, shield, field It: belt, quilt, adult R: a recipe  L: identifying what people want at the market S: a role play: at the market W: adjective order; writing a recipe (WB)
The fastest animal in the world
page 68
Review 3
In the park Verbs
Comparative adjectives
Russia is bigger than the UK.
Superlative adjectives
The highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest.
page 76
must / mustn't for rules and obligations
You must turn off your mobile phone.
You mustn't walk on the grass.
nd, nt and mp endings:
nd: sand, pond nt: plant, tent mp: lamp, camp
R: an article: World Records L: identifying geographical features S: describing geographical features
W: placement of adverbs of frequency; writing about things I do (WB)
page 80
Long vowel sound a:
rain, train Monday, tray case, race
R: a story: The Gingerbread Man L: identifying library rules S: describing library rules
W: using and/or in sentences; writing school rules (WB)
1 In the museum page 86
* u J Transport j Past simple with be: affirmative and negative Long vowel sound e: R: a history poster: Petra - The Hidden City
There was / wasn't a park in our town fifty years ago. lots of, some, any
There were / weren't some trains a hundred years ago. Time words and phrases: yesterday, last week / year/Monday, (fifty years) ago, then
ice cream, dream queen, green jelly, happy
L: identifying aspects of a historical site S: describing aspects of a historical site
W: using paragraphs in writing; writing about my town in the past and now (WB)
Adjectives to describe people
n : /.
Verbs Adjectives to describe things
Past simple with be and have: affirmative and negative
I wasn't tall when I was five. You were happy on holiday. I had a maths lesson last week.
Long vowel sound /:
night, light sky, dry smile, shine
R: a poem: My Grandma
L: distinguishing details about a grandfather
S: making true / false statements about a grandfather
W: using and and but in sentences; writing about my family (WB)
Dc^crib!n^i peep! e Project: a party scene
page 100
Past simple with regular verbs: affirmative and negative
They lived 5,000 years ago.
They didn't cook pizza.
Past simple questions
Did you have a good day?
Yes, I did./No, I didn't.
Wh- questions: what / when I where
What did you watch last night? A film
Long vowel sound o
snow, elbow coat, soap nose, stone
Long vowel sound u
moon, boot blue, glue tune, tube
R: an information poster: Papyrus L: identifying details about someone's day S: describing details of someone's day
W: using topic headings in paragraphs; writing about Ancient Egypt and today (WB)
R: an interview
L: identifying the events of a camping trip S: describing the events of a camping trip
W: using time words to show the sequence of events; writing about my school day (WB)
: Holiday be going to + verb Words with oo: R:an email
things He's going to play basketball tomorrow. book, wool, wood, L: identifying details about a boy's school holidays
Time words Are you going to swim in the sea? hood, cook S: discussing plans for the following week
Yes, I am./No, I'm not. W: opening and closing remarks in an email, postcard or letter; writing an email to a friend (WB)