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Family and Friends 4 Class Book 2nd Edition

Family and Friends 4 Class Book 2nd Edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Present simple and present continuous
They usually wear blue uniforms.
They're wearing white today.
Time markers: present simple and continuous
always / usually / sometimes / rarely / never /now/ today/right now/at the moment
Past simple: have and be Long i, o and u sounds:
All our friends were there. /: light, cry, bike
Past simple: regular verbs o: boat, blow, bone
The audience clapped and cheered. u: room, blue, flute
Time markers: past simple
last week / yesterday / last night/two weeks ago
L: identifying different musical activities S: asking and answering questions about musical preferences and abilities
W: the double consonant rule, writing a description of a picture (WB)
The dinosaur Past simple: irregular verbs with negatives fandph spellings:
museum We didn't go to school. f: flamingo, scarf, feet
Past simple: irregular verbs with questions ph: phone, nephew,
Words in context: Did they go to a museum? alphabet
Dinosaur data What did you see?
R: a non-fiction text
L: identifying favourite things on a school trip S: asking and answering questions about school trips W: exclamation marks, writing a webpage about my school trip (WB)
i ■
Biffing ctf? шшп
Possessive pronouns
Whose jacket is it?
It's mine/ yours /his/ hers /ours/ theirs. Adverbs: +ly and irregular
He ran slowly. They played well.
II endings:
smell, bell, shell rr words:
mirror, carrot, cherry
R: a magazine article
L: identifying children’s favourite sports
S: asking and answering questions about favourite
W: It's or Its, writing instructions for a sport (WB)
Go back to the roundabout
I Directions have to 1 had to ck and c endings: R: an informative webpage
We have to go back to the roundabout. ck: neck, duck, clock, rock L: understanding directions
Words in context: Giving directions c: plastic, picnic, music, S: giving directions
Shadow puppet Go straight on at the roundabout. comic W: instructions, writing an invitation (WB)
I theatre why / because
Why are we at this petrol station? Because...
Describing words
Words in context: The Ant and the Grasshopper
Soft c and g sounds:
c: city, ice, dance, rice g: cage, page, giraffe, stage
Comparatives and superlatives: long adjectives
My bed is more comfortable than this one.
Irregular comparatives and superlatives
better than / worse than / the best/the worst
R: a fable
L: identifying chronology in a fable
S: telling a story from pictures
W: identifying irregular plurals, writing a fable (WB)
СлШЬд рСшиз s-flb
Review 2
page 52
page 56
In space The future with will au, aw and or spellings: R: interviews in a magazine
People will travel in super-fast planes. ou: sauce, August, L: identifying children's predictions
Words in context: Will they go back to Australia? autumn S: offering opinions about the future
life in the future Time markers: the future aw. jigsaw, straw, paw W: compound words, expanding notes into a text
in a month's time / in two weeks' time / next week / on Monday / this evening / tomorrow / soon / later or: horse, sport, morning (WB)