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Family and Friends CLASS BOOK 2

Family and Friends CLASS BOOK 2

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Words Grammar Phonics Skills
School  things This/That is... These /Those are...
Review of the alphabet and initial sounds
Reading: a description Listening: identifying people and objects Speaking: How many ...? There are ...
Writing: capitalisation, writing about my classroom (Workbook)
Feelings We're/ They’re... A re they...? Review of diqraphs: ch sh th  , ch: chair teacher sh: shoes fish th: thumb bath R: a poem: 'My feelings’  L: identifying feelings  S: Is he sad? No, he isn’t. He’s...   long and shortforms, writing about my feelings (WB)
Outdoor  activities Can he...?  Prepositions of place:  behind /in front of next to / between a e i o u  a:cat van e:peg bed i: bin fig o: mop dog u: bus jug R: information on a web page L: identifying outdoor toys S: Where's the skateboard? It’s in front of the table.  W: using a /an, writing about what I can and can't do (WB)
Have you got...?
I have /haven't... Has he got...?
He has/hasn't...
Consonant bLends: gr br fr
gr: grass grapes br: brush bread fr: froa frisbee
R: a caption story
L: identifying which food items are available S: Have you got apples? Yes, we have.
W: question marks and full stops, writing about mu lunch (WBl
We've got English!
What /When have we got... ?
We’ve got ... our / their
R: a description on a web page L: identifying school rooms S: What have we got in the art room? We’ve got...
W: capital letters, writing about my school _ subjects.(WB)__ :
Consonant blends: dr tr cr
dr: drum dress tr: truck tree cr: crayon crab
Consonant blends: ft pi bl
fl: flower flat pi: ptum plate bl: blanket blue
R: information texts
L: identifying after-school activities
S: I read a book. I don’t ride a bike.
W: verbs, writinq about what I do after school (WB)
After-school j I visit... activities i I don’t have...
let's buy What does he like? Consonant blends: cl gl si
presents! ' • Special days He likes/doesn’t cl: cloud clock
like... gl: gloves glue si: slide slippers
., ■ ш # J
R: instructions on making a card L: identifying suitable presents for people according to their preferences S: What does he like? He likes tennis.
W: long and shortforms, writing about presents for my mum (WB)