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Fascial Manupulation by Luigi Stecco 1 Level

Fascial Manupulation by Luigi Stecco 1 Level

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

This handbook was developed as support material for the courses of Fascial Manipulation®. It is aimed at all therapists who have an interest in fascial treatments according to the principles of Luigi Stecco, the founder of the method,

This handbook presents the localisation of all the Centres of Coordination with their relative treatment positions and the specific modalities for each point.

The theoretical concepts are not included here. These concepts can be obtained from the published works of Luigi, Carla and Antonio Stecco.

It is impossible to learn a complex method only by studying written works. It requires verbal interactions and exhaustive practice, which are only obtainable by attending a Fascial Manipulation® course in person. mThe present handbook alms at being a rapid and easy consultation guide in the first few months of clinical practice, aTherapister which the contents should have been learnt and memorised by the therapist.

We extend our thanks to the professionals who collaborated in their respective fields for the elaboration of this handbook: Elisa Botton (anatomical illustrator), Giovanni Ricchi - www.fnimmalsonic.net (graphics),

Riccardo Rocchi - www.studio2rph.com (photographer), Andrea TrincossI amd Giulia Farneti (models).

Furthermore, we thank our fellow teachers for their precious suggestions and advice.

This publication was draTherapisted by the following certified teachers (in alphabetical order):

Luca Negosanti, Alessandro Pedrelli, Luca Ramilli, Antonio Santagata.