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FCE GOLD Plus - Exam Maximiser with key

FCE GOLD Plus - Exam Maximiser with key

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Introduction to the FCE Gold Plus exam maximiser
The FCE Gold Plus exam maximiser is specially designed to maximise your chances of success in the First Certificate in English examination.
The exam maximiser will help you prepare for the First Certificate exam by offering you:
further practice and revision of all the
important vocabulary, grammar and skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) that you study in the FCE Gold Plus coursebook
more information about the kinds of questions you will have to answer in the First Certificate exam.
guidance with the strategies and techniques you should use to tackle exam tasks.
exam-style exercises so that you can practise using the techniques
a complete sample exam which you can use for
practice just before you sit for the exam. This means that you will know exactly what to expect in each paper and that there are no unpleasant surprises.
How can I use the FCE Gold Plus exam maximiser?
The exam maximiser is very flexible and can be used by students in a variety of situations and in a variety of ways. Here are some typical situations:
You are using the FCE Gold Plus coursebook in class. Sometimes you will also do the related exercises or even a whole unit from the exam maximiser in class, though your teacher will ask you to do exercises from it at home as well. You will use the entire exam maximiser or you will use it selectively, depending on your needs and the time available.
You are doing a First Certificate course with other students probably over an academic year. You are all planning to take the exam at the same time.
You have already dpne a First Certificate course and you are now doing an intensive course to prepare for the exam.
Since you have already worked through the FCE Gold Plus coursebook or perhaps another First Certificate coursebook, you will use the exam maximiser in class. This, together with the First Certificate Practice Tests Plus New Edition (2008) will give you a concentrated and highly focused short exam course.
You have a very short period in which to take the First Certificate exam.
Your level of English is already nearing First Certificate exam standard, though you have not been following a First Certificate coursebook. You now need exam skills. You will use the exam maximiser independently, without a coursebook, because you need practice in the exam tasks and how to approach them.

ou are re-taking the First Certificate exam as unfortunately you were not successful in your first attempt.
You may be having to re-take the exam because you were not sufficiently familiar with the exam requirements. You will not need to follow a coursebook, but you will use the exam maximiser to develop your exam techniques and build up your confidence.

^^YbiTare preparing for the exam on your own.
Maybe you are not attending a First Certificate class, but wish to take the exam and prepare for it independently. You will get the practice and preparation by using the exam maximiser by itself. You can give yourself additional practice by using the First Certificate Practice Tests Plus New Edition (2008) just before taking the exam.
What is in each unit?

Each unit in the exam maximiser contains Vocabulary sections. These practise the words and expressions which you studied in the FCE Gold Plus coursebook and introduce you to some new words and expressions as well. There are plenty of exercises to do, including exam-style tasks from Paper 3 (Use of English) and crosswords and wordsearch grids for a bit of fun.

You will find several Grammar sections in each unit.

By doing the exercises in these sections, you can practise and revise the grammar points you have studied in the FCE Gold Plus coursebook. Once again, there are always exam-style tasks from Paper 3 (Use of English) as well as opportunities to practise the grammar points through Paper 5 (Speaking) tasks, in these tasks, you write your answers in the exam maximiser and then check them by listening to the
recordings of good First Certificate candidates performing the speaking tasks.

Every unit has a Listening section. These sections help you train for each of the four parts in Paper 4 (Listening). First, you read some information about the exam and then you are given some advice on the strategy you should use in that particular part. You do an exercise to help you practise the strategy and then an exam-style listening task. The tasks get more difficult as you move through the units in the exam maximiser, so that by the end of the book they are at the same level as the exam.

There is also a Reading section in each unit. Like the Listening sections, these provide you with information about the exam and strategies to use in each of the four parts of Paper 1 (Reading). You do some exercises to help you with the strategy and then you do an exam-style task. There is a vocabulary activity at the end of most reading sections as well, so that you can practise dealing with unfamiliar words and phrases. Like the listening sections, the reading sections are easier at the beginning of the book but at the level of the exam at the end.

At the end of each unit you will find a Writing section. Once again, you are given information about the exam and the kinds of writing tasks you have to do in Parts 1 and 2 of Paper 2 (Writing). You are also given a strategy to follow and then have an opportunity to put it into practice by doing some exercises, often using sample answers. You write your answers to these exercises in the exam maximiser. Finally, you look at an exam task and write your own answer to this task.

Once you have worked through all the units, you will be ready to try the Practice exam at the back of the book.

Then you'll be really well prepared for the First Certificate Exam.

Good luck!