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First certificate expert - student's resource book

First certificate expert - student's resource book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

l Jiidersta n diщ a t s d iv'reserd and past paper 2 Pari 2 Paper 4 Part 1
using your dictionary habits'. Position of Informal email. Extracts: multiple
Exam strategy: frequency adverbs. Email to a pen friend. choice.
expanding your Verbs with a change of Exam strategy: (p.8)
vocabulary. meaning. checking for basic-
fp,6) Exam strategy: errors.
v;jurying grammatical Correction symbols.
forms in your writing, Tppfofo) ’• p.9 j
topic: job factors. Past simple and Paper 2 Pan 2 Paper 4 Part 3
Describing jobs. present perfect. Formal ieiier. Multiple matching.
Verb -i- norm Yet. trill, already, just. Exam strategy-: Short extracts about
collocations. Present perfect simple organising your ideas. people who bave given
Pronunciation: eii or contimious. Check and complete a up stressful jobs in the
endings. Key word sample answer. city.
(рр.'И-15'j transformations,  (pp.!5-i6) Ip. 1-7 / Ip. 16)
Topic: cities and . \ Adjectives and adverbs. Paper 2 Part 1 Paper 4 Part 2
culture. Adverbs of degree. .Email ■■■:■:■.■ Sentence completion.
Exam practice: word. very, extra indy and Exam, strategy: Tour guide talking
formation, ■. ■. ■absolutely.. including all the points about, a visit, to the
:(pp.22-23) . Extra word. inatask.-..-.- ■Museum of
Exam practice: ■: ■■■Check 'and. 'improve a .. 'Immigration on Ellis
open doze. (pp.23-2-41 .■ .sample answer. ■ -(p-25) V; Island. ■  (p,26)-
Topic: charity work. Narrative tenses, Paper 2 Part 2 Paper 4 Part 2 ■
Phrasal verbs. ■ Time conjunctions. ■. Story. Sentence completion.
'.Ежат. practice: word. Key word .'Exam, strategy: Radio programme ■.
formation.. transformations. V. planning'how your about, training for ■' ■
(p,32-33) : (pp. 33-34) story should develop. challenging'physical
Check and improve a sample answer.  (p.35) activities,  (p.36)
Word, formation. ■Future forms. Paper 2 Part. 1. Paper 4 Part 2
Pronunciation: word. Time clauses. Email. Sentence completion.
stress.; ' Degrees of certainty. Exam strategy: Interview with a
Expressions. Exam practice: making a plan for your woman who has written.
Adjective + noun. open doze. answer. a book about face-
collocations. ■ ■ (pp.43-44) (p.45) reading.
Exam practice: multiple-choice cloze. (p-46)
Word, formation. Relative clauses. Paper 2 Part 2 Paper 4 Part 4
Pronunciation.: stressed Reduced, relat ive Review. Multiple.-- choice
syllables. clauses. Exam, strategy: writing questions.
Prepositional phrases. Extra word. to engage the reader. Interview with a. man
Verb r- noun. Exam practice: Compare and correct who took, part in a
Lol.locati.ons. open cloze. two sample answers. television, programme.
Key word. (pp. 53-34) (p.55) Vocabufery: idiomatic
transformations. expressions.
(pp.52-33) (p.56)