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First Certificate Language Practice Michael Vince 4 edition

First Certificate Language Practice Michael Vince 4 edition

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Introduction vii
Grammar 1 Past time 1
Past simple, past continuous, past perfect, used to, would, participle clauses
Grammar 2 Present perfect 7
Present perfect simple and continuous, past simple
Grammars Future time 14
Will, going to, future continuous, future perfect, future time clauses, present continuous, present simple
Grammar 4 Present time 19
Present simple, present continuous
Consolidation 1 Units 1-4 24
Grammar 6
Grammar 7
Grammar 8
cVmw-in.Wr p 2 Ciгit;id ;r •>
Indirect speech 29
With and without tense changes, questions, commands and requests, reporting verbs, paraphrase
Conditionals 36
Real / likely situations (first conditional) with if, unless,
provided, as long as, the imperative, should
Unreal / imaginary situations (second conditional) with if,
were, were to
Unreal / imaginary past situations (third conditional) with if, mixed conditions Other if sentences
Wishes and related forms 42
Wishes about the present and past,, wishes about the future with amid and have to, wishes with would, wishes with if only, it’s time, I’d rather, suppose, imagine, hope
Passives 48
Transitive and intransitive verbs, focus on important information, by + agent, reporting verbs, have i get something done, needs doing, verbs and prepositions, other problems
Units 5-8
Grammar 10
Relative clauses
Purpose, result and contrast 73
Purpose: so that, infinitive of purpose, in order to, so as to, for Result: so / such a, so many / much / few / little, too / not enough + to Contrast: although, though, even though, while, whereas, however, nevertheless, despite, in spite of
Time expressions 79
Present time: nowadays, these days
Future time: in, calendar references, at the end, in the end,
at last, presently
Past time: once, periods of the day, calendar references,
in those days, at that time, after, later, afterwards, other problems,
Units 9-12 85
Modal verbs: present and future 90
Ability: can, be able to
Certainty and uncertainty: must, can’t, may, might, could, should, ought to, be bound to
Obligation: must, have to, mustn’t, don’t have to, should, ought to, had better, is / are to
Modal verbs: past 96
Ability: could, was able to
Certainty and uncertainty: must have, can’t have, may have, might have, could have, was / were to have Obligation: had to, should have, ought to have, needn’t have, didn’t need to
Indirect speech: must, shall
Functions 1 102
Asking for and giving advice, agreeing and disagreeing, apologizing, complaining, ending a conversation, asking for
and giving directions, greeting, asking how someone is, asking for information, introducing yourself and others, inviting, accepting and declining invitations, offering something, offering to do something
Functions 2 106
Things to say on special occasions or at special moments, asking for and giving an opinion, pausing to think, asking for permission, giving and refusing permission, expressing preferences, promising, reassuring, recommending, refusing to do something, making and responding to a request, suggesting, thanking