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Flash on English for Bulgaria Students Book B1.1

Flash on English for Bulgaria Students Book B1.1

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Present perfect with ever, never

Present perfect with just, already, (not)... yet
|! Present perfect: foi and since i Present perfect vs Past simple
Zero conditional with if/when First conditional Time clauses
The passive
Parts of the body Health problems Expressions with have Weight, quantity, distance
Giving advice

Talking about life experience
The stages of love


Descriptive adjectives

Compound nouns
Electronic media Computers
Talking about time - the past and the present Describing people
Talking about the future
Describing simple processes Expressing surprise and disbelief
have to should must

§ could, was/were able to
Tasks and duties Phrases with have and take
Expressing obligation and lack of obligation Complaining and making excuses
|| Second conditional it Future Simple in the past Comparison of adverbs
Global problems

Word building
Talking about global problems Expressing ideas