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Flash on English for Bulgaria Students Book B1 Part 2

Flash on English for Bulgaria Students Book B1 Part 2

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Use of English Skills development
Collocations and phrasal verbs Culture - Social media Verb and preposition collocations
Reading A survey about teens and social media Email and spoken English
Listening Five people talking about social media
Speaking Comparing different learning methods
Writing An article about the impact social media had on our life
Exam strategies: Writing an article
Life events CLIL - Psychology really
Phrasal verbs with up Reading A text bout Abraham Waslow and his idea of self-esteem
Open cloze Listening The Rosenberg test
Speaking A lecture about Abraham Waslow's theory of self-actuaiization Writing A brief biography
Exam strategies: Writing a narrative text
Compound nouns Word building: -ful and -less Word building: suffixes Word formation Cloze
Literature - Life stories Food idioms
Reading Book summaries: Eat, Pray, Love and the Adrian Mole stoies Listening People talking about why they liked a book Speaking Talking about books you liked Writing A story
Exam strategies: Writing a story
Collocations: get or have Common phrasal verb collocations
Word building: negative prefixes Word formation
Culture - Top universities
Reading Interviews with top university students Listening Interviews with top university students Speaking Ask and answer questions about your education so far Writing A report about education in your country
Introducing facts
Exam strategies: Writing a report
Phrasal verbs: about money Word formation
CLIL - Economics and finance
Reading Texts about IMF, WTO, the World Bank
Listening Two students testing each other
Speaking A discussion about the economic worid crisis
Writing A fact file about an important international institution
Exam strategies: Writing a fact file
Colloquial English
Collocations Prepositional phrases Open cloze
Culture - Human migration
Reading Articles about human migration Listening People talking about moving to a new country Speaking Comparing photographs Writing An email
Exam strategies: Writing an email