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For Real pre-intermediate work book

For Real pre-intermediate work book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Märtyri'-Hobbs arid Julia Starr Reddle
with Rob Nicholas
^ í■- .■ .■ ívd^'GA SV V íp:' P AP-'A P
MdUlCü ■■
Unit 1 4
grammar Past participles review; Present perfect review; Present perfect v past simple vocabulary Countries; Activities
Unit 2 10
grammar Present perfect with just / already i yet; still; whose; Possessive pronouns vocabulary Music; At the airport
‘ " Ui Vi'' C ,i
Units 16
grammar Past continuous v past simple: said i asked + direct speech; when / white vocabulary Transport and roads
Unit 4 22
grammar Modal verbs: present possibility; Modal verbs: future possibility; Modal verbs: past possibility; Multi-word verbs; Object, pronouns vocabulary Feelings; Painting
Unit 5 28
grammar will (predictions and future fads); he going to v present continuous for future; will have (done) / will he id(hng)
vcXABiJLAKY Science fiction; Environmental problems
Unit 6 34
grammar Zero conditional: Conditional. + imperative: First conditional; when, as soon as, unices vocabulary Using emails, message boards and chat rooms; Geographical features
Unit 7 40
grammar Reported speech (1): reporting statements; Future in tire past; Reporting present, facts; Indefinite pronouns; each / even’ / each other, to he / get used to -ing vocabulary Household chores; Crimes and criminals
Unit 8 46
grammar Reported speecf) (2): reported questions: Reporting verbs
vocabulary Expressing feelings: Common expressions; Describing people
IJmi 9 52
grammar Second conditional; wish pas! simple, wish + would: Defining relative clauses VOCABULARY Professions
Unit 10 58
grammar Third conditional; wish . sh¡mid ium -
mu'Cni in hove Artyoms ni man nor Pm-omro
vocabulary Student problems and solutions. Planning a campaign; MnlE-vvoid vedv
Unit 1.1 54
grammar Present simple passive; Pmseni
V.Viiail U !ij !.!,'■> ’ Hi \ 1. . ■; i..( ,-t .■■■! s i, ; : i :■ ; : ; ; .
reiatirc clauses voc/ybuiarv Camping
Unit 1.2 70
grammar Past simple passive: Present perfect passive: Past continuous passive: Future passive: have soinethmcj done: Reflexive pronoun:-,
VOCABULARY LxlKine sports
Unit 13 76
grammar Present perfect continuous; Present perfect continuous v present perfect' simple; used to / didn't used to / would vocabulary Films
Unit 14 82
grammar Past perfect; Pad perfect and past simple vocabulary Books