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Gateway B2+ Students book

Gateway B2+ Students book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Quirkology- human behaviour
Social research experiment Fraternities and sororities
Sociology, psychology, etc Past tenses
Body idioms and human Present and past habits interaction
Word formation - suffixes Similes
International cultural knowledge Rush Week
Ways of talking
The best age to learn to drive
Electric cars: customising sounds
Using public transport: an opinion
Compound nouns connected with car travel
Phrasal verbs-rules and laws
Collocations with take, make and do
Two blogs: legal ages
Modal verbs - obligation, permission, prohibition, advice and criticism
Modal verbs - speculation, deduction, possibility and probability
Modal verbs - might
Science, technology and the environment: Electric cars
Describing mental processes Phrasal verbs - the mind Word formation - prefixes
Verb + -ing form and infinitive
Literature: The Curious Incident c the Dog in the Night-time by Ma Haddon
Daniel Tammet-Understanding Asperger's syndrome
Improving memory and language learning
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon
Inception: A film review
Verb + object + -ing form and infinitive
The science of ageing Superhero origins Genetically modified food
Scientific procedures and research
Compound nouns and adjectives
Causes, reasons and results
Conditionals and mixed conditionals
Inverted conditionals
Other conditional structures
Advanced future forms
Science and history: The birth c superheroes
Popular culture/Science: Scienr and pseudo-science
► Gateway to Exams 3-4 p56
Feeding ducks in the park People with power Cleft sentences
Smoking outdoors
Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
Child curfews
Minor offences and punishment
Prepositional phrases
Formal register
Other ways of adding emphasis
Vague language
Language and literature; Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell
сСимнс Writing Speaking Exam success
Reading: Scanning for key words - multiple matching
Vocabulary: Word formation Listening: True/False/Not given Writing: Narrative
Discussing photos 1: Use of English: Multiple-choice cloze
Useful language ,. . . .. I+. , , .
a a Listening: Multiple choice
Speaking: Discussing photos Writing: Opinion essays
ge: Rush week Present and past personal Personal interview
Chavs interview questions practice
ge: Personal interviews - creating a good impression Writing a story: useful linguistic devices
Ways of talking
Summary: The history of the electric car
The world's most dangerous road
Opinion essay Paragraph plans
Preparing and structuring a presentation
A detailed film review
Talking about savants Describing a scene Presentations 1
■ . . : i
of Commuting activities:
ark, Multiple matching
How the Internet affects thinking strategies
Reading: Multiple choice Listening: Multiple matching Speaking: Giving a presentation Writing: A review/opinion
of Superheroes and science Afor-and-against essay Talking about statistics
Podcast: Using DNA ce
Reading: Missing paragraphs Grammar: Sentence transformations Speaking: Stimulus-based discussions Writing: Arguing an opinion