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Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата


Drosophila characteristics

How are new discoveries in genetics to be made?

Two physicists' views of biology Max Delbrück

Events in genetics and molecular biology up to 1944 Serotypes of S. pneumoniae Oswald Avery

Electrophoresis, ultracentrifugation and ultraviolet spectroscopy


Alfred Hershey

Erwin Chargaff


GC contents of different DNAs

Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin

James Watson and Francis Crick

Hydrogen bonds

Units of length

Describing the lengths of DNA molecules Franklin's ideas on the structure of DNA The different structures of DNA

The development of knowledge about DNA up to 1953

Other names for the template strand

Chromosomes and genes

Recombinant DNA technology

Evolution of the first genes

Growing bacteria in culture

DNase protection experiments

Real promoter sequences

Functions of the core subunits of E. coli RNA polymerase

Other types of RNA in eukaryotes

Variations in rRNA sizes in different eukaryotes

The binding site for a ribosomal protein

rRNA and tRNA gene copies

Robert Holley

Unusual tRNA structures

The role of chemical modification

RNA modification and processing in the context of the cell Purification of mRNA

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