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Going for Gold upper intermediate coursebook

Going for Gold upper intermediate coursebook

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Unit Grammar Vocabulary Reading
1 Changing world-P-4 Present simple and present continuous Future forms Word families (nouns/adjectives) Looking after the environment (e.g. recycling bank, ozone layer) Machu Picchu (multiple matching: (■headings)  ‘Finding similar words and phrases
2 Turn up the music p, 14 Expressing purpose (e.g. in order to, so that)  Questions (subjed/object and diredAtdirect): Music  Expressions with bring and take is there music on Mars? (multiple choice) ‘Trying to answer questions before seeing options
3 With friends like these p. 24 Present perfect simple (for, since, ever, just, yet, already)  So and such Relationships Describing personality A srmll circle of good friends (multiple matching: questions)  ‘Scanning for specific information
Progress check Units 1-3
4 Dream on p. 36 Like and as Narrative tenses Making adjectives (e.g. hopeful, useless) Interesting vocabulary (e.g. to glance, to wander) A dream come true? (gapped text) ‘Predicting content of missing sentences
5 Things that matter p. 44 Time expressions (e.g. during, while, by the time)  Can, could, be able to, manage to Word families (e.g. invent, invention, inventor)  Materials (e.g. leather, wool) 100 years of gadgets (multiple matching: questions)  ‘Finding key words
6 My hero! . p. 52 Countable and uncountable nouns and quantifiers  Reported speech and reporting verbs Making uncountable nouns countable (e.g. piece of luggage)  Body and health The rise of the superheroes (multiple choice)  ‘Procedure for multiple-choice questions
Progress check Units 4-6
7 Moving on D. 64 Used to (do) or be used to (doing)! Making comparisons Verbs related to leaving (e.g. to set off, to move house,  Verbs and expressions with get (e.g. get to know) Rites of passage (gapped text)  ‘Focusing on words that refer backwards and forwards
8 Land of the Pharaohs p. 74 Articles  Relative clauses Distances and dimensions (e.g. tall, narrow, deep)  Phrasal verbs A resting place for the gods (multiple matching: headings)  ‘Predicting content from headings How the camel got his hump (comprehension questions;
9 Talk to me Giving advice (present) and criticism (past) p. 84 Intensifiers  Progress check Units 7-9 Expressions about speaking (e.g. speak up, talk shop)  Newspapers and television 17,000 school students probably now hate my name! (gapped text)  ‘Linking expressions to show connections between ideas
10 More, more, more p. 96 Obligation (present and past) Too and enough Money and shopping Prepositions with nouns, verbs and adjectives (e.g. famous for, spend on) Shop till you dropI (multiple choice; ‘Key words in questions and text
11 Water, water everywhere p. 106 Question tags  Present perfect simple or continuous? Verbs and nouns of 'using' Adjectives describing feelings The power of dolphins (gapped text) ‘Focusing on different types of language links
12 Give us a due Modals of deduction (present) p. 116 Models of deduction (past)  Progress check Units 10-12 Crime and evidence (e.g. fingerprint, suspect)  Word families (e.g. life, lively, lifeless) Crime scene (multiple matching: headings)  ‘Predicting headings from content
13 A long way from home p. 126 Gerund or infinitive?  Future perfect and future continuous Travel  Phrasal verbs and expressions with make Get away from it all! (multiple matching: questions)  ‘Expressing statements in different words The time machine by H G Wei-:s (comprehension questions)
14 Just an act p. 136 Comparative and superlative adverbs Passives TV, cinema and theatre (e.g. audience, subtitles)  Conversational phrases (e.g. There's no point, We may as well) A man for ail time (multiple matching: headings)  ‘Justifying your choice from the text
IS Giving  something back p. 144 Verbs with two objects (e.g. give something to someone)  Unless, as long as, in case Phrasal verbs and expressions with give Extreme adjectives (e.g. tired/exhausted) Spending a year abroad (multiple matching: questions)  ‘Finding key words and parallel


Antarctica - (multiple matching)' *Predicting content using key words
Pop Idol (true/false)

♦Reading questions before listening Song: Anything is possible (Will Young)
About a boy (note taking) ♦Predicting missing information ■ People close to you (multiple choice: unrelated extracts)

Working and non-working holidays ♦Organising your ideas ♦Ways of comparing

Talking about yourself (general conversation)

♦Making different types of questions
Ways of keeping in touch with people (discussion)

♦Ways of giving your opinion and asking for someone else's opinion

Article (1) What can tourists see and do in your town or area? ♦Features of a good article

Transactional letter (1)

Letter to a friend asking for information

♦Features of a transactional letter informal letter (T)

Letter to a friend telling recent news ♦Using informal language
Use of English

Word formation The Thames Barrier ♦Focusing on nouns and adjectives

Key word transformations .

♦Test yourself (similar or different pairs)

OpepKctoze Likeness of a person ♦Procedure for thinking of the correct word
Dreams (multiple matching)

♦Predicting content through pictures

Famous scientists (sentence completion) ♦Predicting missing words Your favourite things (muttiple matching)

♦Predicting content

Multiple choice: unrelated extracts ♦Justifying your answers Christopher Reeve (sentence completion)

♦Predicting missing information

Song: The Power of Goodbye


Multiple choice (unrelated extracts) ♦Establishing context through key words

The curse of the Pharaohs (true/^aise) ♦Focusing on key information in the questions
Personal information (general conversation)

♦Asking for repetition/clarification

Things that are important to you (collaborative task) ♦Communicating interactively
Hospitals, first aid and wheelchair access (discussion)

♦Making extended responses
Saying goodbye (comparing photos) ♦Organising your comments (first general, then specific)

Personal conversation ♦Expressing doubt and uncertainty
Story (1)

♦Linking expressions of time (e.g. finally after that)

Article (2) / couldn't live without it! ♦Paragraphing
Report (1) Facilities for the disabled ♦Features of a good report
Transactional letter (2)

Letter to a friend

♦Paragraphing, letter layout and what to include

Story (2) Story from a title ♦Linking words of consequence (e.g. so, therefore)
Error correction Hothouse children ♦Focusing on type of words missing

Word formation Living the simple life ♦Focusing on nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs
Multiple-choice cloze French 'Spider-Man' reaches top of oil HQ ♦Choosing between options
Key word transformations ♦Working out which structure is being tested

Word formation

Stargate - a review

♦Endings for nouns and adjectives
Oprah Winfrey (note taking) ♦Predicting content from the notes
Article (3) Most people don't read enough

♦Introduction and conclusion paragraphs
Open cloze Interactive television ♦Focusing on what kind of word is missing
Mass media (discussion) ♦Ways of summarising and reporting a decision
Feng Shui (multiple matching) ♦Focusing on the main message
Water: fascinating facts (multiple

♦Listening for key words Water sports (multiple matching) ♦Predicting content

The life and death of Marilyn Monroe (note taking)

♦Predicting missing information
The most travelled man in history (true/false)

♦Making questions to help you listen Song: Proud (Heather Sma1!)

Two extracts from the play After Liverpool
Multiple choice (unrelated extracts) ♦Justifying your answers Bill Gates (sentence completion) ♦Predicting missing information
What makes you happy? (collaborative task)

♦Giving yourself time to think and reacting to your partner's ideas

People enjoying themselves in water (comparing photos)

♦Different types of specific comments
Witness to a crime (describing what you saw)

♦Noticing elements in a picture
Deciding what to put in a time capsule (collaborative task)

♦Sounding interested and involved
Dressing for a night out (comparing photos)

♦Ways of comparing and contrasting

Moral dilemmas (discussion)

♦Review of giving opinions, asking for opinions and expressing uncertainty
Discursive composition (1)

What is important for a happy life? ♦Linking phrases for organising your ideas (e.g. first of all, in conclusion)

Story ending with the words...

♦Time phrases (e.g. during his teenage years, only a year later)
Informal letter (2)

Describing an unusual event ♦Linking words (e.g. then, eventually) Multiple-choice cloze (vocabulary)

Transactional ietter (3)

Choosing a holiday with some friends ♦Focusing on appropriate content and style
Discursive composition (2) Cinema or video?

♦Linkers of contrast ♦Organising paragraphs

Report (2)

Recommending a charity ♦Ways of recommending
Multiple-choice cloze Name your price

♦Choosing between the four options
Error correction Five Olympic Golds!

♦Ordering stages for dealing with task type

Multiple-choice cloze Frozen in time

♦Choosing the correct alternative
Key word transformations ♦Following instructions correctly
Open cloze

Moulin Rouge - a review ♦Procedure for dealing with open

Word formation Something for everyone? ♦Focusing on what kind of word is missing