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Gold coursebook New first certificate

Gold coursebook New first certificate

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Unit Grammar Vocabulary Reading
1 What's on?  P-6 Revision of simple tenses p.8 Present perfect simple and continuous p 12 Recording vocabulary p.8 Word formation p. 13 Entertainment p.14 Reality TV multiple matching (Part 4) p. 10 Vocabulary: meaning from context
2 Worth the risk?  p. 18 Making comparisons p.22 Articles p 26 Adjectives of feeling p 19 Word formation: negative prefixes p.23 The cable racer multiple-choice questions (Part 2) p.20  Vocabulary: meaning from context Exam focus: multiple matching (Part 4) The great outdoors p 24
3 Fact or fiction?  p.30 like, as, as if/though p.33 Adverbs p.35 Narrative tenses p 38 Using a dictionary p.32 Modifiers/intensifiers p.38 Stranqe landings gapped text (Part 3) p.30  Vocabulary: meaning from context
4 Food for thought  p.42 Countable and uncountable nouns p.46 Future forms p.49 Food p.42 Prepositions p.43 Body and health p.50 Exam focus: multiple-choice questions (Part 2) Tickle your taste buds p 44  1 can't go out gapped text (Part 3) p.48
5 Material world  p.54 Indirect speech p.59 Reporting verbs p 60 Consumer society p.56 Describing objects p 58 Shopping and leisure facilities p 62 Here come the alpha pups multiple-choice questions (Part 2) p 54
6 It's your call  p.68 Certainty and possibility p.70 Passives (1) p.74 Technology p.68 Communicating with others p.76 Now we're getting the message multiple matching (Part 1) p.72
7 Back to the future  p.80 Relative clauses p.82 Conditionals (1) p.86 General nouns p.81 Collocations p.88 Where is science going? multiple matching (Part 4) p.84  Vocabulary: prepositional phrases
8 We are family  p.92 Gerunds and infinitives p.95 Expressing hypothetical meanings p.99 Word formation: adjective suffixes p.96 Relationships p.97 Steppe by step multiple matching (Part 1) p.92  Vocabulary: phrasal verbs
9 A new look  p.104 Present and past habit p.106 Participle clauses p. 111 Fashion p.107  Phrasal verbs with up p.108 Things in the home p.110 Making a new man of himself gapped text (Part 3) p.104 Vocabulary: word formation
10 Use your brain  p.116 Obligation, necessity and permission p 117 it is, there is p. 122 Expressions with mind p.119  Education p. 123 Keep playing that computer game multiple-choice questions (Part 2) p. 120 Vocabulary: word formation 101 ways to avoid studying multiple matching (Part 1) p.124 Vocabulary: expressions
11 Hard at work  p.130 Ability and possibility p 132 Conditionals (2) p 135 Employment p 132 Numbers and money p 136 The man who brought down a bank multiple matching (Part 1) p 134 Vocabulary: phrasal verbs and expressions
12 Strange but true  p.142 Passives (2) p.146 have/get something done p.150 Crime and punishment p.144  Nouns linked by of p. 150 Rebecca comprehension questions p 142 Exam focus: gapped text (Part 3)  The lost city of Carat p 148
13 Natural wonders  p.154 so, such, too, enough, very p 158  Emphasis with what p. 161 Animals p 156  The natural world p. 162 The unexplained powers of animals multiple matching (Part 4) p.154 Vocabulary: phrasal verbs Exam focus: multiple matching (Part 1) Tsunami! p 160
14 Getting there  p.166 Ways of giving advice p. 173 Hopes and ambitions p. 168 Holidays and travel p 172 It could happen to you multiple-choice questions (Part 2) p. 166 n A new direction for tourism? gapped text (Part 3) p.170  Vocabulary: word formation
Writing Use of English Listening Speaking
Informal letter (Part 1) p 16 *ordering paragraphs Key word transformations (Part 3) p 13 Film survey note completion p 7 Extracts (Part 1) p. 14 Films (discussion) p.6 Exam focus: introduction (Part 1) p 15
Formal letter (Part 1) p 28 *expanding notes Why do people take risks? word formation (Part 5) p.23 Tanya Streeter, free diver true or false? (Part 4) p 19 Risk-taking (discussion) p 18 Comparing and contrasting (Part 2) p.27
Story (1) p 40 *sequencing expressions Exam focus: error correction (Part 4) p 36 What people read multiple matching (Part 3) p 34 Coincidences multiple-choice questions (Part 4) p 37 Asking for and reacting to opinions (Parts 3 and 4) p.34
Article (1) p.52 ^paragraph organisation Designer water open cloze (Part 2) p 47 Jamie Oliver sentence completion (Part 2) p.42 Advantages and disadvantages (Parts 3 and 4) p.51
Letter of complaint (Part 1) p.64  Contrasting *using formal language Are brand names worth it? multiple-choice cloze (Part 1) p 57 Exam focus: key word transformations (Part 3) p 61 Radio adverts p.57 Shopping multiple matching (Part 3) p.60 Advertising (discussion) p.56 Product presentation (role-play) p.58  Expressing uncertainty (Part 2) p.63
Report (1) p 78 features of a good report Would you like to be famous? word formation (Part 5) p.69 All thanks to the mobile phone open cloze (Part 2) p 75 Photography and the media multiple matching (Part 3) p.68 Song: We are the champions p.71 Exam focus: long turn (Part 2) p.77
Composition (1) p.90 *plannmg and organising *linking expressions Exam focus: open cloze (Part 2) p 83  A famous library multiple-choice cloze (Part 1) p.89 Living in the Iron Age multiple-choice questions (Part 4) p.80 Exam focus: extracts (Part 1) p 88 Ranking; discussion (Parts 3 and 4) p.87
Article (2) p 102 *plannmg *thinking of a title 'opening paragraphs Report (2) p.114 *ways of making suggestions Friends word formation (Part 5) p.96  Collecting vintage clothes error correction (Part 4) p 108 Exam focus: word formation (Part 5) p 110  Key word transformations (Part 3) p412 Exam focus: note completion (Part 2) Planning a wedding p 98  Song: Drowning p 100  Exam focus: true or false?  (Part 4) Before and after  p.109 Quiz: What kind of friend are you? p.94  How to keep talking, adding ideas (Parts 3 and 4) p 101 Comparing rooms p409 Stressing key information (Part 2) p.113
Article (3) p 126 Checking for mistakes My bad memory error correction (Part 4) p 119 A man with an amazing memory sentence completion (Part 2) p 116 Exam focus: collaborative task/discussion (Parts 3 and 4) p 126
Letter of application p.140  *evaluating a sample letter A precious metal open cloze (Part 2) p 138  Use of English: multiple-choice cloze (Part 1) p 151 Exam focus: multiple matching (Part 3) Working in a city p 131  What makes people happy multiple-choice questions (Part 4) p. 138 Personality quiz p 130 Exam focus: a complete test  p439
Making your writing more interesting p 143 Story (2) p 151 Buried treasure multiple-choice cloze (Part 1) p. 151 The Stella Awards sentence completion (Part 2) p 145 Song Men in Black p 147 Crime and punishment (discussion) p 145
Informal letter p 164 *features of informal writing Exam focus: multiple-choice cloze (Part 1) p 157  The end of the rainbow error correction (Part 4) p4 64 Charlotte Uhlenbroek sentence completion (Part 2) p4 58  > Why people keep pets (discussion) p 156  Quiz: How much do you know about the world around you? p 159 Individual long turn (Part 2) p 163
Composition (2) p 175 * linking expressions (reasons, results and examples) Where does motivation come from? word formation (Part 5) p 168 Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain open cloze (Part 2) p 174 Dreams and ambitions multiple matching (Part 3) p 169 Song: Search for the hero p 175 Quiz p 166  Prioritising (Parts 3 and 4) p 174