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Grammar Tasks for Independent Work of Students on the English Language

Grammar Tasks for Independent Work of Students on the English Language

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

The Present Indefinite Tense
Exercise I
Вставьте cootвегствующие форми bciiomoi агельнмх гл а голов to be или to do в следующих повеегвовательпих. воироси-тельних и отрицательних предложениях:
1. Where... you from?
2. How old ... you?
3. What... your aunt’s name?
4. I... glad to see you. How ... you?
5. The dog ... in the garden.
6. Tom’s parents ... travel agents.
7. .. .your father a doctor? - No, he ....
8. John ... (not) a student, he ... a teacher.
9. That book ... (not) very interesting. Take this one.
10. The best seats ... 10$.
11. Moscow ... the capital of Russia.
12. I... hot. Open the window, please.
13. What... the weather like today?
14. I ... (not) interested in football at all.
15. ... Tom and Bob good football players?
16. .. .you hungry?
17. The news ... (not) very bad today.
18. What... your parents’ address?
19. Your money ... in your handbag.
20. How much ... this sweater cost?
21. I Tow much ... this sweater?
22. It... (not) rainy in summer.
23. It... (not) often rain in summer.
24. He ... (not) have much money.
25. He ... (not) rich.
26. Mag and her sister... (not) live in Rome.
27. Mag and her sister... (not) from Rome.
28. I ... (not) stay at home on Sundays.
29. I ... (not) at home on Sundays.
30. Pat’s mother... (not) teach students.
31. Pat’s mother... (not) a teacher.
32. It... (not) cost much to stay at that hotel.
33. That hotel ... (not) expensive.
34. - What ... your favourite sport? - I like swimming. And what about you? ... you like swimming?
35. -1 ... from Leeds. ... there a sports center in Leeds?
36. ... you have any hobbies? ... you like reading? - Yes, I....
37. ... you have any brothers or sisters? - No, I .... I ... an only child.
38. How old ...he? - He ... 4. - He ... (not) go to school. I help him much.
39. You ... a happy girl.
40. Where ... you live, Ann?
Exercise 2
Вмберите правильнми вариант ответа:
1. Му mother ... a bad headache.
A have got B am C has got
2. Where the Johnsons live? A Where do the
Johnsons live?
B Where are the Johnsons live?
C Where docs the Johnsons live?
3. Margie and her sister ... wonderful voices.
A docs B has got C have got
4. I (not/understand) that man I (not/know) Lnglish.
A not understand, don’t know
B don't understand, not know
C don't understand, don't know
5. ... you ... any time to help me? -Sorry, I...
A Do you have, don’t В 1 lave you got, am not C Do you have, have got
6. Everybody in our family (help) Mummy about the house. Dad (walk) the dog, I (water) the flowers, and my brothers (clean) the rooms.
A help, walks, water, clean B helps, walks, water, clean C help, walks, water, cleans
7. ... Jane Smith (speak) English?
A Is ... speak B Does ... speak C Do ... speaks
8. The Browns ... a nice house in the country.
A has got B have got
9. They can't go out because they ... rain-coats and umbrellas.
A have got B aren't have C don't have
10. Jack lives not far from us, but we (not/scc) him often.
A not sec B doesn’t see C don't see
11. Don't give him cigarettes. He (not/smoke).
A isn't smoke
Exercise 3
Вмберите иравильное кс деленнькм словам
1. It's my mother’s
birthday next week.
A Who B Whose C Whom
2. My best friend Jeff
lives in Walton Street.
A Whom B Whose C Who
B doesn't smoke C don't smokes
12. Can you help me? I (not/know) the way to the market.
A am not know B not know'
C don’t know
13. ... Pete ... any milk in the fridge?
A Docs Pete have B Do Pete has C I lave Pete got
14. My daughter Mary (not/like) apples, but she likes oranges.
A not likes B doesn't like C doesn’t like
15. What’s the matter? You (look) very happy.
A look B looks
ггельное местонмение к bi»i-
3. Mrs. Laura is in her office.
A When B Where C How
4. I’ve got two bottles of lemonade at home.
A I low many В I Iowr much C What