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Headway Elementary Student's book

Headway Elementary Student's book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

I Unit Grammar Vocabulary 1
1 Hello everybody!  p6 Verb to he amlislare  I’m from Germany.  He’s a doctor. p6, p9  Possessive adjectives my, your, his, her p6, p7 Countries  Mexico, Japan p7, p8 Using a bilingual dictionary plO Everyday objects  a key, a newspaper plO Plural nouns bags, apples plO
2 Meeting people  p 12 Verb to be  Questions and negatives What’s her first name? pl2 She isn’t married, pi3 Negatives and short answers No, she isn’t. pl2 Possessive s Patrick’s daughter pl4 The family  mother, uncle pi4-15 Opposite adjectives old-young pl6 Food and drink  hamburger and chips tea, coffee pl8
3 The world of work  p20 Present Simple 1 he!she! it p20  He works 16 hours a day. p20  Questions and negatives Does he speak French? No, he doesn’t. p22 Verbs  help, make, serve p24 Jobs  A pilot flies planes. p26
4 Take it easy!  p28 Present Simple 2 II you! wel they I go to the gym.  We don’t go out on Friday evenings. Why do you like your job? p29 Verbs  relax, eat out, start p29 Leisure activities dancing, skiing p34
I Stop and check 1 Teacher’s Book p!38 1
5 Where do you live?  p36 There is/are  There’s a book on the table. p36  How many... ?  How many books are there? p36  Prepositions of place in front of the fire p36 some and any  There are some cups.  There aren’t any plates. p38 this, that, these, those This is the kitchen.  What’s in these cupboards? p38 Rooms  living room., kitchen p36 Household goods armchair, lamp  cupboard, washing machine p36 What’s in your bag?  letter, bus ticket, mobile phone p39 Parts of a plane cockpit, steps p40 Places  cinema, pub p43
6 Can you speak English? p44 can! can't  I can ski really well.  She can’t speak Japanese. p44  was/were  Where were you last night? p46  could  I could swim when I was five. p46  was born  He was born in London. p47 Countries and languages Italy, Italian p44 Verbs  translate, check, laugh p45 Words that sound the same I, eye; no, know p50
7 Then and now  p52 Past Simple (1)  Regular verbs  She started work when she was eight. p52  Irregular verbs He left school in 1994. p54  Time expressions last night  yesterday morning p55 Verbs  earn, marry, die p53 Verbs  begin, leave, become p54 Spelling and silent letters bomb, listen p58