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Headway pre-intermediate Fourth edition book

Headway pre-intermediate Fourth edition book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

1 Getting to know you
Present, past,future p6 Questions
Who does she live with? Where were you born? p6 Question words Who...?, Why WhoseWhich...?, How much ...? p?
Right word, wrong word
Verbs of similar meaning
do/таке speak/talk Adjectives and nouns that go together important personl meeting Prepositions
crazy about married to good at Words with two meanings a blind date dates to eat pi2
Social expressions
Thank you so much. My pleasure.
1 can’t: come tonight. Never mind. Perhaps another time, p 13
2 Whatever makes Present tenses Things i like doing Making conversation
you happy Present Simple going out with my friends Expressing interest
She works in dubs. shopping online Oh, really? f
p!4 Present Continuous having a liedn How lovely! Ц
She’s making a single, p 14 listening to music on my iPod Short answers
have/have got pi 7 No, I didn’t. Yes, I am. |
She has silver hair. Questions and answers
They’ve got so much energy, p 14 What are you doing tonight? 1
Nothing special p21 |
3 What’s in
the news?
Saying when
the. third of February February the third-in April at 6.00 on Monday two weeks ago p29
Past tenses Past Simple
How far did he walk?
Vie journey began in 2008. p22 Past Continuous
1 was working in the forest when 1 met Ed. p23
Regular and irregular verbs
walk/walked arrive!arrived leave/left take/took p22 Adverbs fight bravely work hard
Do you really love me? Of course Ido! p28
Blind date  Looking for love A newspaper organizes a date between two of its readers. How will they get on? (jigsaw) plO My oldest friend  Three people talk about their oldest friend p9 Blind date  Sally and Dominic talk about their date plO Discussion  Talking about your friends p9 Exchanging information  Talking about the couple on a blind date plO Social expressions  Acting out conversations pl3 Describing friends  Symbols for correcting mistakes tnpirtg Sp Writing about your best friend pi 04
The happiness quiz  How happy are you?  Find out bow happy von are, and what you can do to make yourself happier pi 8 Song  Money ~ the best things in life are free pi8 Getting on with your neighbours  Two neighbours gossip about each other. Do they see things in the same way? p20 Discussion  Whafs most important to you -- money, job, health ...? pI4 Exchanging information  Ask and answer questions about three people pi6 Describing  My perfect day p!7 Writing a postcard  Adjectives. great, wonderful, amazing...  Writing a postcard about a holiday pl05
The flight attendant who lost his cool  Stephen Slater Day-by-day newspaper articles as a story breaks, goes global, then dies p26 The news  Radio news items p25 Dictation  Transcribing a news story p25 Narrating  Retelling a news story p24 Project  Research a news story that interests you - tell the class p25 Discussion  Famous for fifteen minutes p26 Narrative writing  Expanding sentences in a story  ...a burglar broke into a large, expensive house.... Picture story A fishy tale Comparing stories pi06
Unusual places to eat  No ordinary place to eat! Three extraordinary restaurants (jigsaw) p34 Our diet  A couple talk about their diet p3I  Unusual places to eat  People talk about their experiences of eating in extraordinary restaurants p34 Discussion  A good diet p31 Exchanging information  Talking about a restaurant p34 Roleplay  Acting out a conversation p36 Writing an email  Linking words but, although, however so, because Writing an email to a friend pi08
Nope for the future  The girl with two families A girl from Belarus whose life changed when she visited Ireland p42 How does it feel to be 20-something?  Three people talk about what it’s like to be in their twenties p41 Describing  Talking about someone in their twenties p41 Discussion  Living at home/1 caving home p41 Roleplay  An interview with Palina p42 Writing for talking  My dreams for the future In five years’ time I would like to...  One day J hope to ... Writing about future plans - tell the class p].09
Multicultural London  The world in one street Four people from different cultures talk about living in the most cosmopolitan city in the world (jigsaw') p50 My family  People talk about who they are like in their family p49 What’s on?  Deciding what to do in London p53 Talking about you  Who are you like in your family? p49 Exchanging information  Talking about an immigrant p50 Project  Research the life of someone from a different country - tell the class p50 Describing my hometown  Relative pronouns wh ol that! which! wh e re Pittsburgh -- the town where I was born Writing a description of your hometown pi 10