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HELLO English for the 6th grade New edition Students Book

HELLO English for the 6th grade New edition Students Book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Q Say the correct form of the verb in the Present Simple.
1 Maria (live) in a small town in the mountains, nrfk In the evening we sometimes (go) for a walk along the river.
I always (have) a good time at the seaside.
;SS4 Your parents (like) eating out?
. „5 When we (be) on holiday, Dad always (read) the newspaper in the morning. ‘ Then he (relax) a bit in the afternoon,.and after that he (go) swimming.
A: You always (get up) early? B: No, I usually (sleep) late on Sundays.
@ bay the correct form of the verb in the Present Continuous.
1 Daniel (look) out of the window now. •. ' 1 : - •-
2 Mr and Mrs Brown (stay) at a very expensive hotel at the seaside.
3 You (write) a postcard to your parents?
•4 He (not swim) because the water is very cold.
. .3 Daniel (take) a photo of Diana's family now.
(v It's sunny today and I (wear) sunglasses. -


1 In your notebooks, write the correct form of the verb m the Present Simple or the Present Continuous.
1 That girl h (call) you.... you ... (know) her? : "
2 A: Why ... you ... (not eat)?
B: I'm very sorry but I... (not like) tomato soup. -
.3 Listen! I... (think) your mobile ... (ring).
4 My brother ... (not want) to go back to the hotel - he ... (want) to sleep on the beach!
5 A: Where's Jenny? B: She ... (swim) in the sea.
6 We usually ... (go) to the seaside by car but now we... (travel) byjplane!
I Put the adverbs in the correct position in the sentences. Read the article on p. 141 before you do the exercise. Sometimes there is more than one answer!
(sometimes) We go on holiday in July.
Model: Sometimes we go on holiday in July.
• - We sometimes go on holiday in July. ]
(usually) I stay in bed late when I'm on holiday.
(often) Dad goes climbing - he loves that!
(usually) Mum isn't at home during the day.
(sometimes) My "sister is late for dinner!      
(often) I don't watch TV at the weekend.
(never) ‘ We swim in the river - the water is polluted.
(always) My friends visit their grandparents in the country in summer.
Say the correct adverb or time expression to complete the sentences.
Fred's mum is English and she usually / now speaks English at home. Molly isn't wearing her new swimsuit today / often.
Mum always / at the moment chooses a boring place foi our holidays! We're having a great time now / sometimes.
Daniel never / at the moment swims on a full stomach.
Those kids .are playing loud music now / sometimes!