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Hopscotch Pupil's Book 6

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Starter: Ready, steady, go! pp. 4-9
• Meeting people I Countries and nationalities i Family members ! Looks and personality j Jobs ! Sports
5 Accidents and injuries I Means of transport I TV programmes and films
Keep in touch pp. 10-21
; Grammar
i Present simple and present continuous I Comparisons i How much?
I Past simple: be ! There was / There were I must
i Past simple going to
Vocabulary j Grammar j Communication  1 Reading and writing
la Modern communication tools Present simple and present continuous 1 Talking about methods of communication  i „ _ . „ Reading: Teens' Time: A video call
1b Means of communication  1 Stative verbs \ Talking about ways of communicating Reading: Animal talk
1c Expressions used in phone conversations have to/don't have to  i  { j Using expressions in phone I conversations, using emoticons for expressing feelings Pronunciation: tone and intonation for questions and answers Writing: a dialogue
Review 1 Explorers'Club: Reading with your fingers Project: Texting
The travel bug pp. 22-33 Vocabulary Grammar i  1 Communication Reading and writing
2a Words related to travel Dates Past simple: be, regular and irregular verbs : Talking about travelling  i Reading: Teens' Time: An amazing story
2b Words related to travel Dates Adverbs of manner Talking about travelling  1 Reading: The mystery of the missing pilot
2c Points of the compass Linking words Past simple Telling a story about past events Pronunciation: spelling of words that sound the same Writing: a story about an adventure
Review 2 DVD Club: Immigrants
m About town pp. 34-45 у' ■"
Vocabulary Grammar Communication Reading and writing
3a Words related to a street Past continuous Using past simple and past continuous to tell a story Reading: Teens' Time: A robbery
3b Words related to the arts Past continuous and past simple with when Talking about street artists  j  J Reading: Street artists
3c Apologising Object pronouns Apologising j Writing: a story using past Pronunciation: -ing j simple and past continuous  { and linking words and, when
Review 3 DVD Club: Living in Venice
Щ Feeling at home pp. 46-57 Vocabulary i  Grammar Communication Reading and writing
4a Words related to everyday hygiene Possessive pronouns j and possessive adjectives Talking about possessions  i  1 Reading: Teens' Time: Packing fora trip
4b Words related to household chores  1 Modal verbs {can, must, j have to, should)  i Talking about household chores Talking about different situations j using modal verbs Reading: Household chores
4c because, so  I  i Modal verbs j Asking for, giving and accepting advice  Pronunciation: -er at the end of a word ' Writing: a letter giving advice
! V
Review 4
Explorers' Club: Green living
Project: My green week