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Hopscotch Pupil's Book 5

Hopscotch Pupil's Book 5

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

& Keeping healthy pp. 66-79 Ш
Vocabulary Grammar Communication Reading and writing
l 5a  I' Symptoms  Illnesses  Remedies Past simple of be Asking for and giving advice about symptoms Reading:The Crystal Ball Mystery: The legend is true
1 5b  1  5  I  ; Parts of the body Accidents and injuries There was/There were There wasn't/There weren't  Time expressions for past simple Identifying accidents and injuries Asking and answering questions using There was/There were/ There wasn't /There weren't Talking about where you were at various times Reading: A big earthquake  I  !  f
j 5c  1" i ·  1  1 Illnesses  Phrases about illnesses Must/mustn't Visiting the doctor Giving advice using must/mustn't Pronunciation: two letters together making a new sound Writing: an email to a friend about an illness  f
Review 5 Explorers' Club: Martial arts Project: A health and fitness poster DVD Club: Dangerous dining
That's entertainment pp 80-93
Vocabulary Grammar Communication Reading and writing
\ 6a  1  Jy  V, - - Activities Past simple (regular verbs - positive) Asking and answering questions about what you liked to do in the past  Pronunciation: the -ed ending Reading:The Crystal Ball Mystery: We aren't thieves!
6b TV programmes and films Past simple (regular verbs - negative and questions) Asking and answering questions about the past Reading: Who was Walt Disney?  \
6c Hobbies and interests Past simple Making suggestions and giving opinions  Pronunciation: changing a word by putting an e at the end Writing: a film review  %
Revie w 6 Explorers' Club: 1 he history of television Project: Class quiz DVD Club:Taiko master
ip> Meet the challenge! PP 94-107 'щщь щщ, ШШШШЯ
1 7a  * Vocabulary  Past simple irregular verbs Grammar  Past simple  (irregular verbs) Communication  Asking and answering questions about a text describing an extreme sport Reading and writing  Reading:The Crystal Ball Mystery: You are under arrest!
1 7b  L Sport expressions Ordinal numbers Past simple  (W/7- questions) Asking for information using What, Where, When, Why, Who Reading: Rock climbing  1
и Sports'equipment Have to for rules Describing sport and sports' equipment  Talking about sports'rules Pronunciation: differences in the sound th Writing: a text about a sport
Review 7 Explorers'Club: Ice hockey Project: Sports'poster/  . DVD Club: Cheese rolling
i m Have a nice trip! pp. ιοβ-ι 21 Ш- ж
Vocabulary Grammar Communication Reading and writing
\ : 8s  j 1 Means of transport Prepositions used with means of transport Past simple Talking about where people go and how they get there Reading:The Crystal Ball Mystery: What's in the box?  1
1 8b  1 Things to do on holiday Be going to Talking about what people are going to do Reading:The Grand Canyon
I 1 Giving directions Travel plans Be going to Giving directions  Talking about where you are going on holiday and what you are going to do  Pronunciation: silent letters Writing: an email telling a friend about your holiday plans
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