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How Brands Grow Part 2

How Brands Grow Part 2

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Acknowledgments xii
About the Authors xm
1 How Brands Grow  Byron Sharp andjenni Romaniuk 1
. How to grow 2
Can you engineer your brand loyalty? 2
The law of double jeopardy 4
Penetration rules! 8
Why does double jeopardy occur? 10
How to grow IS
Dismantling barriers to market-share growth iw
Meaningful loyalty metrics IS'
Further reading on the double jeopardy law
2 Target the (Whole) Market  Byron Sharp andjenni Romaniuk 23
All that glitters ... .24
The heavy buyer fallacy .24
Why our light buyers really matter 27
Pareto says you can’t ignore light buyers JO
What about heavy category buyers? 35
Resist the seduction of: sole loyalty Sophisticated mass marketing Don’t shoot yourself with target marketing Conclusion
3 Where New Customers Come From Byron Sharp andJenni Romaniuk
Competitive brands have similar customer bases What about service categories?
Loyal switchers
Using predictable customer overlap lake the McDonald’s challenge Insights from partitions Are local brands a separate sub-market?
4 Bu 11 d mg Menta 1 Ava i 1 ahi 1 i ty jentii Romaniuk
'1 lie brand = our memories We all h ave similar brains
.Memory affects buying; buying affects memory
(Bur brain when buying
Cued retrieval
Building mental availability
Bsst ...a secret about big brands
Not one ‘consideration set’: many context-specific evoked sets
Mental availability metrics
Building fresh brand memories
Brand positioning = your advertised messages
What about country of origin?
Love, hate and the wide chasm between them Conclusion
5 Leveraging Distinctive Assets Jenni Romaniuk
Meet our owl
What’s m a (brand) name?
The many types ot distinctive assets Distinctiveness is not differentiation Step 1; Choosing wisely Distinctiveness measurement in action Step 2: How to execute well Distinctive assets and mental availability Distinctive assets and physical availability Distinctive assets and the digital world Compiling a distinctive asset palette Conclusion
6 Achieving Reach Jenni Romaniuk
Welcome to the new media world What does reach really mean?
But I can’t plan for reach because ...
Advertise where you sell
(More) valuable audience; Light and non-brand buyers Choosing media platforms
Reach across touch-points in emerging markets
Mixing a media cocktail
7 Word-of-Mouth Facts Worth Talking About Jenni Romaniuk and Robert East
The lure of word of mouth
Should I focus on positive or negative WOM?
WOM equals conversation (about brands)
Experience with the brand matters Relax—your WOM is probably normal Positive WOM has the most influence when ...
WOM as a reinforcer Conclusion
8 Building Physical Availability
Magda Nenycz-Thiel, Jenni Romaniuk and Byron Sharp What makes something ‘easy to buy’?
Presence: Is your brand where it needs to be?