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Human resource management at work

Human resource management at work

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Acknowledgements Acronyms and Weblinks Introduction to This Edition How to Use This Book Plan of the Book Guided Tour
■ pi , c , • ;'"~У ; ' Г * ‘ ■ f y,r ' f Г
‘3 PI/, - ! f~tr; / i u to; 3 to' ■ -» - ►}*,.: introduction The Meanings of HRM Business and Corporate Strategies Stakeholders, Diversity and Corporate Responsibility International and Comparative HRM Conclusions Useful Reading
2 Forces Shaping HRi at Wort Introduction
Work in its Contemporary Context
Labour Markets and Patterns of Employment
Flexibility and Fragmentation at Work
The Legal Framework for HRM
The Institutional Framework for HRM
Useful Reading
3 rtf: rf-iv;TrM ; t orif ; v-; Г- [ . * r,T '
Defining and Measuring High Commitment HRM Bundles of Human Resource Practices HRM and Performance
Raising Questions About the HRM-Performance Link The Universal Application of Best Practice HRM Conclusions Useful Reading
4 Designing HRi to fit Organisational Goals Introduction
‘Best Fit’ HRM: Contingency and Configurational Ideas
Limitations of ‘Best Fit’ Models
Resource-based and Institutionalist Views
Converting HR Strategy into Practice: Blockages and Barriers
Useful Reading
5 Changing Responsibilities for HRi Introduction


The Development of HR as a Specialist Function Analysing the Role of the HR Function Changing Models of HR Service Delivery Devolving HRM to Line Managers Measuring the Contribution of the HR Function Conclusions Useful Reading
' НЛНАО Tlri f CC JC iffC • l • f. o f V
HR Planning, Labour Turnover, and Retention Job and Role Analysis
Job Descriptions, Person Specifications and Competency Frameworks
Recruitment Methods
Choosing the Right Selection Method
Differing Paradigms of Selection
Useful Reading
i • .. ’AUT": l-.u"-*"• f ь' i
Induction and Employee Socialisation Performance Review Reinforcing Performance Standards Counselling and Support Conclusions Useful Reading
•: w ;hz \ i,., ; tL ri. Training and Skills Introduction
Skills in the UK: International Comparisons and Future Predictions
Establishing a Culture of Lifelong Learning in the Workplace
Government Initiatives to Develop Skills
Trade Unions, Training and Learning
Assessing the Contribution of VET to Skill Improvement
Useful Reading
Learning and Development at Work Introduction
Definitions and Terminology
The Process of Learning
The Training Process System
The Strategic Dimension
Trends and Developments in Learning