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In company Pre- intermediate

In company Pre- intermediate

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Unit and topics Communication skills and tasks Reading and listening texts Grammar and Lexis links
1 Selling your company p4  Company life Company descriptions Dot.com start-ups Completing a report  Discussing ideas for dot.com start-ups  Preparing a web page R Web page: the elevator pitch  L Someone describing his company in 60 seconds  R Report: Moonpig R Web page: betterdogfood.com Present Simple  Present  Continuous Business & the Internet
2 Women in business рЮ  Company life Work routines Stress & exercise Identifying answers for questions Asking about work routines Asking about frequency  Completing a questionnaire on exercise & stress Discussing exercise & ways to relax R Web page:  careers&women.com  L Conversation: people talking about someone’s job  R Article on stress & exercise Expressing  frequency Work & routines
3 Telephone talk р15  Connecting  Using the telephone  Telephone frustrations Identifying telephone skills from telephone language  Completing a questionnaire on telephone frustrations  Asking indirect questions  Telephoning for information & taking notes L Saying numbers in words  R Magazine article: Ringing in the millions  L Conversation: checking flight details  L Conversation: telephoning for an estimate Indirect questions On the telephone
4 Networking p20  Conversation skills Asking questions Making small talk  Talking about other people Constructing questions to use in conversation Putting a conversation in order Roleplays: talking about other people L Two conversations: people meeting by chance on business trips  L Conversation about a business contact
5 Company histories  p23  Company life Talking about the past Asking questions about the past  Doing a quiz about the Internet  Asking questions using prompts  Asking questions with no subject  Preparing a web page with company information R Company history: Nintendo  L Radio documentary: the history of Nintendo  L Radio documentary: the birth of the Internet  R Magazine article: Birth of the Internet Past Simple  Time expressions in, on, at, ago, when Business verbs
6 Correspondence  p28  Connecting  Methods of communication  On-the-spot decisions Discussing the advantages & disadvantages of communication methods & summarising results  Solving problems quickly Recreating a conversation from prompts Putting a conversation in order Writing an e-mail from prompts Roleplay R Magazine article: Does grammar matter?  L Conversation: a request  L Conversation: on-the-spot decisions  L Conversations (x3): an important order Will for  unplanned  decisions Business  communication
7 Making comparisons p33  Company life  Comparing hotels & cars Recreating a conversation from prompts Comparing two sports cars Comparing hotels & car manufacturers Discussing options for acquiring a hotel Ordering room service L Conversation: at a hotel reception  R Magazine article: Hotel chain takeover  L Conversation: ordering room service Comparatives & superlatives  As or than Hotel services
8 Did I ever tell you ...? p38  Conversation skills Telling anecdotes Making sentences from prompts Using did for emphasis Telling an anecdote from prompts L Anecdote  L Extracts from anecdotes L Using did for emphasis
9 Spirit of enterprise  p40  Company life  Entrepreneurs  Change Putting a summary in order Recreating a conversation from prompts Describing change Finding out about a company L Conversation between a bank manager & an entrepreneur  L Interview: worm farm entrepreneur  R Business briefing: Inditex Present Perfect  Present Perfect vs Past Simple Word building
10 Stressed to the limit p44  Work issues Work-related stress Discussing what factors produce stress at work Describing people's jobs using have to Making recommendations using should Writing a report on a company with problems L Interviews: people talking about work-related stress  R Magazine article: Stressed to the limit Have to, should  Giving advice using should (n’t) Stress at work  J
Unit and topics Communication skills Reading and Grammar and Lexis links
1 and tasks listening texts 1
11 Top jobs p49 Describing a company using the Present Perfect R Company history: Shimano Present perfect - Company news
Company life Asking questions with How long ...? L Radio profile: Steve Ballmer the unfinished past
Company history Interviewing & writing a report L Conversation: the headhunter
Since & for;
A top job from... to...
Headhunting How long...?
12 Conversation Introducing yourself R Magazine article: Remote Lounge
gambits p54 Starting a conversation L Introductions at a conference
Conversation skills Deciding on 'safe' topics for conversation L Conversation (in four parts): two
Starting & leaving conversations Saying goodbye/leaving a conversation Starting & maintaining a conversation people meet by chance in a bar
13 Air travel p58 Completing a conversation L Conversation: at check-in Conditionals with Negotiating & air
Connecting Using conditionals with will L Advice on getting a good seat will travel
Conditions & Negotiating on a flight
consequences R Magazine article on air rage
Negotiating L Negotiating a deal
14 Hiring and firing Using the passive to complete a report & R Newspaper article: a sacking The passive Procedures
p62 rephrase facts L People talking about their
Work issues Discussing when sacking is justified approach to applying for a job
Losing your job Identifying approaches to applying for a job R Job advert & CV
Applying for a job Discussing workers' rights L A job interview
A job interview R Newspaper articles
15 Time p67 Discussing time in general terms L A talk on time management Going to Working
Work issues Summarising a talk R A talk on time management Going to vs will conditions
Time management Discussing time management R Article: Life without time
Wasting time Making plans using going to and will L Conversations: making plans
R Web page: Wasting time
16 Getting things Asking favours using prompts L Conversations: asking favours
done p73 Saying ‘no’ tactfully L Conversation: saying ‘no’
Conversation skills Putting a dialogue in order L Conversation: a request,
Asking favours Identifying polite language and using it to persuasion & a threat
Saying ‘no’ tactfully re-enact a conversation L ■Conversations: asking for an
Being polite upgrade & complaining about a
17 Office gossip p76 Using reported speech L Conversation: an office rumour Reported speech Relationships at
Work issues Reporting gossip L Conversations: office gossip work
Gossip in the Classifying e-mails R Newspaper article: City Council
workplace Interviewing & writing a report gags workers
R Extracts from e-mails
L Interview: changing relations in the workplace
18 E-commerce р81 Completing notes on a discussion L Focus group discussion Will for future Shopping & the
Connecting Completing a report L Emphasising using ... is one predictions Internet
Internet marketing Emphasising using ... is one thing, but ...is another thing, but... is another 1 think + will
Online shopping Focus group roleplay: marketing to the over-sixties R Magazine article: Shopping from home
Predictions Making predictions using will
19 Working from Expressing hypothetical situations using R News item: Go home and work Conditionals Teleworking
home p87 conditionals L Interviews: two people who (future reference)
Work issues Identifying advantages & disadvantages work from home
Teleworking Performing a roleplay R Magazine article: Working at home
20 Working lunch Putting a dialogue in order L Conversation (in four parts):
p91 Describing food people from different cultures
Conversation skills Explaining who does what in your company doing business
Describing food Identifying and discussing cultural differences in R Extract about business etiquette in Japan
Chatting over lunch business