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Inside out student book pre-intermediate

Inside out student book pre-intermediate

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

Me Talking about names 53 A woman talking $bout her different
Names Talking about memory names
Memory Anecdote: somebody who is i-J The name game
Describing very important to you UJ eHow to remember names
people Stand By Me
page 4 53 A man talking about his best friend
Talking about places in your country
Writing a letter giving a positive description of a city Talking about products from different countries Anecdote: the best city you have ever visited
Four people talking about their
home town Holiday competition Everything's wrong here!
2 Place
Home towns Holidays Countries page 10
© What is/are ... like? Countable &
uncountable nouns. Quantity expressions © City landmarks. Adjectives to describe places. Countries & nationalities. Geographical location © Word stress: nationalities
3 Couples
Celebrities Relationships Love stories page 16
4 Fit
Sport Fitness page 22
Talking about love, marriage & separation
Writing a narrative about the stages of a relationship Talking about when you first met somebody
Talking about sports personalities Talking about fitness Talking about attitudes to sport Anecdote: your experiences of sport at school
Ш What went wrong?
Q Game show with a couple talking about when they first met
Ui Great love affairs Suspicious Minds
O Advertisers discussing which sports personality should advertise their isotonic drink
ffl Are you dangerously unfit?
UJ Golfing genius
S3 Interview with a fan of Tiger Woods
© Past simple & past continuous © Expressions to do with relationships.
Narrative linkers © Irregular verb sound groups
@ Comparative & superlative adjectives.
Comparison structures © Words, expressions & collocations to do with sport. Numbers © Schwa /з/
5 Review 1 page 28
6 Shop
Presents Clothes Shopping page 34
Skills-based activities to review all the main language points in Units 1-4. Includes Sophie and Paul's report on their blind date, a listening and reading about Vinnie Jones and a sketch entitled Gossip. ... -
Anecdote: a present you have bought for somebody Talking about clothes Talking about attitudes to shopping
Cl! What people really want for their birthday UJ How much is she wearing?
E3 Two men talking about shopping 53 A man buying a woman's top 53 A woman buying a mobile phone
© Verbs with two objects. Present & past simple with adverbs of frequency. Verb patterns: like, enjoy, prefer etc. + -ing form © Collocations to do with presents. Clothes & accessories. Expressions to use in shops
53 Three people talking about their jobs t_J Nightmare jobs S3 Interview with the owner of a department store
© Present perfect for time 'up to now'
(v. past simple for 'finished' time)
© Expressions with hand. Time expressions.
Employment words & expressions © Stress & intonation in formal presentations
7 Job
Experience Retirement page 40
Talking about jobs & experiences Talking about employment Anecdote: a retired person you know well
Writing a letter of application for a job
* J Money
DJ The good, the bad and the extremely generous
53 A pop star talks about his future 83 A pop star talks about his upcoming tour
© Future forms: (be) going to & present continuous
© Words & expressions about money &
8 Rich
Money Pop stars page 46
Talking about money Talking about music Talking about future plans Writing an online application to get a grant
Ш The Rules
§58 A woman talking about her experience with The Rules l—l Schooldays of a rock star U J Training to be a geisha
® Modals of advice, obligation & permission - present & past: must, mustn't, couldn't, should, shouldn't, have to, don't have to © Describing character. Education © Linking. Word stress
9 Rules
Dating Education page 52
Talking about dating Talking about schooldays Anecdote: talking about your favourite subject at school
Skills-based activities to review all the main language points in Units 6-9. Includes an interview with a customs officer, an article about three generations of the same family and a board game entitled The Revision Game.
Talking about longevity CO
Anecdote: the healthiest person S3
you know
Talking about life predictions j
Talking about food
Talking about wild animals LJ
Talking about animal Lv
characteristics B
Anecdote: a pet CD
Talking about crop circles CD
Talking about strange B
coincidences CD
Anecdote: strange experiences CD
you have had B
Writing a story CD
Talking about cars CD
Anecdote: your dream car Q
Talking about advantages & disadvantages of cars S3
How not to die before you get old A telephone enquiry about health farms Six short conversations 104 things to do with a banana
Animal facts
Six stories about animals Three people talk about their pets King Jim
A woman talks about her friend's pet iguana
The cream of the crop circle theories Interview with an expert on crop circles Strange coincidences
Two people talk about strange coincidences they have had Roswell, New Mexico
My first car
Three people discuss the advantages & disadvantages of cars Radio phone-in about driving problems The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson 24 Hours From Tulsa
© Future time clauses after when, if,
as soon as.
will for prediction
© Collocations. Food. Food idioms. Food preparation © Sounds & spelling
© Relative clauses with that, which, who. Conditionals
© Animals. Prepositions after verbs & adjectives © Homophones
© Narrative tenses: past simple, past continuous, past perfect © How + adjectives/adverbs ...?
have / make / take + noun structures
© Past time: used to. Opinions, advice & suggestions.
© Cars. Adverbs of manner & attitude