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Insight B1 Част 1 Student's Book

Insight B1 Част 1 Student's Book

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

 Challenges p6 The 'we' generation
Reading The only way is forward Grammar Tense revision
Strategy Critical thinking: questioning the author Listening We Day
Vocabulary Describing qualities Vocabulary insight Synonyms
Vocabulary insight 1 p14 Using a dictionary Review 1 p!5
p16 Real education
Reading Making school meaningful Vocabulary insight Word analysis Vocabulary insight Nouns + prepositions
The world around us
p18 Life on the edge
Grammar Future tenses; Future continuous, future perfect, * future perfect continuous
Listening Volcano photographers
Vocabulary insight 2 p26 Using suffixes to build complex words Review 2 p27 My country p28
Things that matter
p30 Hoarders
Reading The stuff in our lives Strategy Detecting purpose and point of view Vocabulary insight Synonyms Vocabulary insight Phrasal verbs with out
p32 What's left behind
Grammar Articles; Determiners
Listening What people leave on holiday
Vocabulary insight 3 p40 Phrasal verbs Review 3 p41
p42 Perfect people
Reading Gattaca
Vocabulary insight Verbs and nouns with the same form Vocabulary insight Noun suffixes: -ness, -ity, -ion
Vocabulary insight 4 p52 The origins of idioms Review 4 p53 My country p54
p44 Fact or fiction
Grammar Talking about habitual behaviour Listening Ambulance paramedics
Mind and body
p56 A word is born
Reading Words, words, words Strategy Skipping words that you do not understand Vocabulary insight Phrasal verbs with on Vocabulary insight Verb prefixes: en- and em-
p58 Fast track to fluency
Grammar Advice, obligation and prohibition; Past modals Listening Ways of learning a new language
Vocabulary insight 5 рбб Verification and nominalization Review 5 p67
p68 Who controls the news? p70 The big picture
Reading Armed with a smartphone Grammar Speculation about the past, present and future
U Vocabulary insight Collocations: journalism Listening The big picture
The media Vocabulary insight Word analysis
and the
Vocabulary insight 6 p78 Expressing emphasis Review 6 p79 My country p80
That's life
p82 Before I die ...
Reading From here to eternity Strategy Critical thinking: evaluating pros and cons Vocabulary insight Phrasal verbs with off Vocabulary Phrases with life
p84 Lucky break or lucky escape?
Grammar Conditionals; * Mixed conditionals Listening The luckiest man alive?
Vocabulary insight 7 p92 Using a dictionary: would and could Review 7 p93
' WyyV-V
Food and ethics
p94 A right to eat
Reading Would you eat it?
Vocabulary insight Synonyms: intensity Vocabulary insight Prepositions
p96 Wet wealth
Grammar The passive Listening Wet wealth
Vocabulary insight 8 p104 Dependent prepositions Review 8 p105 My country p106
p108 What's new?
Reading The next big thing Strategy Making inferences Vocabulary insight Word analysis Tec no ogy Vocabulary Technology nouns
Vocabulary insight 9 pY18 Using a dictionary: adjectives and adverbs Review 9 рП9
plW Young minds
Grammar Reported speech Listening Teen inventors
p120 Utopia?
Reading Different lives Vocabulary insight Word analysis p Vocabulary Society and citizenship
p122 Dirty sport
Grammar Defining and non-defining relative clauses; * Participle clauses
plO Belief and commitment pi2 An article
Reading From Robben Island: the Dark Years (Nelson Strategy The writing process Mandela) Vocabulary Purpose and result
Vocabulary insight Word analysis Grammar Past perfect and past perfect continuous
Vocabulary bank! p134 Ways of looking; Qualities of a hero
p8 Do the right thing
Listening A news story Listening What makes a hero Vocabulary insight Words with setf-Everyday English Choosing the winner of a local hero award
p24 Describing a place
Strategy Recognizing style Modifying adverbs with gradable and non-gradable adjectives
p20 Urban stories
Listening I wish this was ...
Strategy Active listening (1)
Vocabulary insight Antonyms: urban regeneration Everyday English Deciding on a new community project
p22 Songlines
Reading Songlines
Vocabulary insight Adjective suffixes: -able and -ible Grammar Future time clauses
Vocabulary bank 2 p135 The natural world and outer space; Urban landscape
p36 Lost treasures p38 A story
Reading Saved or stolen? Strategy Telling a story
Vocabulary insight Compounds with participles Ordering events in a story
Grammar Verb patterns
Vocabulary bank 3 p136 British vs American English; Objects in a museum
p34 One man's trash ...
Listening Trash People Vocabulary Adjectives describing objects Everyday English Selecting things to exhibit
p46 Face value
Listening Cosmetic surgery Strategy Active listening (2)
Vocabulary Phrases with body parts Everyday English Discussing a controversial topic
p48 Frankenstein
Reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Vocabulary insight Word analysis Grammar Future in the past
p50 A letter to a newspaper
Strategy Taking a view and supporting your ideas Vocabulary Addition and contrast
p64 A book review
Vocabulary insight Synonyms: adjectives describing stories Strategy Avoiding repetition
p60 A good read
Listening The future of libraries Vocabulary Phrases with point Everyday English Choosing a book for a book dub
Vocabulary bank 4 p137 Phrases with mind; Body parts
p62 Shakespeare
Reading A writer for all time Vocabulary insight Word analysis GrammarTalking about ability
p76 An article
Strategy Creating emphasis Vocabulary Discourse markers
p72 Making the headlines
Listening A news story Listening Why people want to be famous Strategy Adapting to authentic listening situations Vocabulary insight Idioms with in and out Everyday English Choosing front page news
Vocabulary bank 5 p138 Acronyms; Book structure
p74 Truth or lies?
Reading Seeing is believing Vocabulary Documentaries Grammar Emphasis and * inversion
p90 An opinion essay
Strategy Persuasive writing Making comparisons
p86 The golden years
Listening Growing old in different societies Vocabulary The old and the young Everyday English Discussing old age
Vocabulary bank 6 p139 Headlines; Film-making
p88 The Road Not Taken
Reading The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost Vocabulary insight Analysing meaning Grammar Unreal situations
Vocabulary bank7 p140 Phrases with time; Generation gap
plOO The origins of food p102 A for and against essay
Reading Exploring Britain's fish and chips Strategy Talking about cause and
Vocabulary insight Adjective + noun collocations: food effect
Grammar The passive: verbs with two objects Grammar The passive with
reporting verbs
Vocabulary bank 8 p141 Environmental threats and protection; Ways of cooking
p98 Feeding the world
Listening The growing population and food Strategy Taking notes Vocabulary Phrases with face Everyday English Talking about photos
pY16 A report
Strategy Ways of conducting research
Vocabulary Evidence verbs
p112 Digital footprints
Listening Our digital footprint Vocabulary Phrases with under Everyday English Giving a presentation
p114 First?
Reading The firsts and frauds of flight Vocabulary insight Adverbs with two forms Grammar Verb patterns in reported speech
Vocabulary bank 9 p142 Describing gadgets; Problems with technology
p126 The power of words p128 A for and against essay
Reading President John F. Kennedy's inaugural speech Vocabulary Giving examples and Listening Rhetoric explanations
Vocabulary insight Synonyms: global politics Strategy Writing introductions
Grammar * Relative clauses: other structures
Vocabulary bank 10 p143 Politics and society; Idioms: politics j * Optional