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Insight Students Book A2

Insight Students Book A2

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

p4 Everyday life
Reading Life in a day
Strategy Scanning for specific information Vocabulary insight Adjectives + prepositions: feelings Our world Vocabulary insight Compound nouns: everyday objects
Vocabulary insight 1 p14 Using a dictionary: parts of speech Review 1 p15
p6 Around the world
Grammar Present simple and present continuous Listening Volunteer projects
p16 Ghost towns
Reading Ghost towns: then and now Strategy Identifying paraphrase Vocabulary insight Antonyms: describing places Vocabulary Places in town
p18 The kindness of strangers
Grammar past simple and past continuous Listening A happy ending
( 7
r'' '
L iW , Places
Vocabulary insight 2 p26 Using a dictionary: synonyms and antonyms Review 2 p27 My country Four capitals p28
p30 In my fridge
Reading Food for thought: the good, the baa and the really ugly
Vocabulary Life cycle of food
Vocabulary insight Compound nouns and adjectives
p32 Burger or broccoli?
Grammar Determiners: a iot of, a little, a few, some, any, much and many
Listening Eating habits in the UK
Vocabulary insight 3 p40 Recording vocabulary Review 3 p41
p42 Moving house
Reading The 1940s house
Vocabulary insight Adverbs of manner and comment Vocabulary insight Compound adjectives
My space
p44 A room of my own
Grammar Comparative and superlative adjectives (not) as... as: too, enough
Listening The best room in the house
Vocabulary insight 4 p52 Phrasal verbs: literal and non-literal meanings Review 4 p53 My country One day in March p54
No limits
p56 Taking risks
Reading Blame your brain Strategy Understanding pronoun referencing Vocabulary insight Adjective suffixes: -ing and -ed Vocabulary insight Noun suffixes: -ment and -ion
p58 Too young, too old?
Grammar Present perfect and past simple Present perfect with already, just and yet Listening At the top of the world
Vocabulary insight 5 p66 Phrasal verbs: understanding the particle Review 5 p67
Roads to education
p68 A hard lesson
Reading War zones
Vocabulary insight: Collocations: crime Vocabulary insight Negative prefixes: urt-, im-, in and ii-
p70 Hungry to learn
Grammar will and going to First conditional
Listening I want to be a teacher
Vocabulary insight 6 p78 Using a dictionary: verb and noun collocations Review 6 p79 }My country Natural wonders p80
p82 Big and small
Reading Going global Vocabulary Statistics
Vocabulary insight Nouns with two meanings
p84 Be an entrepreneur
Grammar must, mustn 't, have to, don't have to Listening How to catch a dream
Vocabulary insight 7 p92 Using a dictionary: words with more than one meaning Review 7 p93
ST .
p94 Against all odds
Reading Success stories
Vocabulary insight Verbs + prepositions: success Vocabulary insight Suffixes: -ant, -ent, -ance, -ence
Vocabulary insight 8 p104 Using a dictionary: dependent prepositions Review 8 p105 My country After school p106
p96 Foul play
Grammar Past perfect
Listening Don't believe your ears
The media
p108 In the news
Reading What’s in the news?
Vocabulary The press
Vocabulary insight Collocations: the media
p110 Multitasking
Grammar Reported speech say .and tell
Listening A multifunctional device Listening To multitask or not to multitask?
Vocabulary insight 9 p118 Using a dictionary: easily-confused words Review 9 p119
xp p120 Make a difference
• pi Щ Reading The story of your T-shirt P Strategy Understanding the purpose of a text
Vocabulary insight Phrasai verbs: buying and selling clothes Vocabulary insight Compound nouns
Made in
Vocabulary insight 10 p130 Word families Review 10 p131 My country World famous p132
p122 Where does it come from?
Grammar The passive: present simple, past simple and present perfect
Listening How much do you know about.. ■