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International express Workbook Upper-Intermediate

International express Workbook Upper-Intermediate

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

The ten units in the Workbook give you extra practice of the language in the
Student’s Book. Each Workbook has four sections:
Language focus has written exercises to practise the grammar in the
Student’s Book. There are drills for extra practice on the Student’s CD.
Wordpower practises the vocabulary in the Student’s Book, and
presents ways to learn and remember words.
Skills focus has listening and reading exercises to give further
■ practice connected with the Student’s Book.
Focus on functions practises language for socializing with colleagues. All
the conversations are on the CD. There are exercises to practise useful phrases from the conversations.
Study tips
Use the CD with or without the Workbook, for example, in the car or on a personal stereo. Play the exercises and conversations as often as you like. Stop the CD and repeat useful words and phrases.
Write your answers in the Workbook or write in a separate notebook. Use Workbook material for extra revision, for example, after the Student’s Book
review units.
Check your answers in the Answer key at the back of the Workbook. Refer to the Pocket Book for grammar explanations and useful social language.
Use a good dictionary, for example, the Oxford Wordpower Dictionary and the Oxford Dictionary of Business English to help expand your vocabulary.
Study every day if possible. You cun work for a few minutes to complete an exercise, then stop and do the next exercise later. The rule is, ‘A little, but often.’