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JavaScript Web Applications, Alex MacCaw

JavaScript Web Applications, Alex MacCaw

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата

1. MVC and Classes
Early Days Adding Structure What Is MVC?
The Model The View The Controller
Toward Modularity, Creating Classes Adding Functions to Classes Adding Methods to Our (.lass Library Class Inheritance Using Prototype Adding Inheritance to Our Class Library Function Invocation Controlling Scope in Our Class Library Adding Private Functions Class Libraries


2. Events and Observing
Listening to Lvents Lvent Ordering Canceling Lvents The Lvent Object Event Libraries Context Change Delegating Lvents Custom Lvents


Models and Data
MVC and Namespacing 31
Building an ORM 32
Prototypal Inheritance 33
Adding ORM Properties 34
Persisting Records 35
Adding ID Support 36
Addressing References 37
Loading in Data 38
Including Data inline 39
Loading Data with Ajax 39
Security with Cross-Domain Requests 43
Populating Our ORM 44
Storing Data Locally 44
Adding Local Storage to Our ORM 46
Submitting New Records to the Server 47
Controllers and State
Module Pattern 50
Global Import 50
Global Export 50
Adding a Bit of Context 51
Abstracting into a Library 52
Loading Controllers After the Document 53
Accessing Views 55
Delegating Events 56
State Machines 58
Routing 60
Using the URL’s Hash 60
Detecting Hash Changes 61
Ajax Crawling 62
Using the HTML5 History API 63
Views and Templating
Dynamically Rendering Views 65
Templates 66
Template Helpers 68
Template Storage 69
Binding 70
Binding Up Models 71
6. Dependency Management.........
Declaring a Module Modules and the Browser Module Loaders Yabble RequirejS
Wrapping Up Modules Module Alternatives LABjs FUBCs
7. Working with Files...............
Browser Support Getting Information About Files File Inputs Drag and Drop Dragging Dropping
Cancel Default Drag/Drop Copy and Paste Copying Pasting Reading Files Blobs and Slices Custom Browse Buttons Uploading Files Ajax Progress
jQuery Drag and Drop Uploader Creating a Drop Area Uploading the File
8. The Real-Time Web .............
Real Time’s History WebSockets
Node.js and Socket.10 Real-Time Architecture Perceived Speed
9. Testing and Debugging .........
Unit Testing
Headless Testing Zombie fehabod
Distributed Testing Providing Support Inspectors Web Inspector Firebug The Console Console Helpers Using the Debugger Analyzing Network Requests Profile and Timing
10. Deploying
Gzip Compression Using a CDN Auditors Resources
11. The Spine Library
Instantiation Extending Classes Context Events Models'
Fetching Records Model Events Validation Persistence Controllers Proxy! ng Elements Delegating Events Controller Events Clobal Events
The Render Partem 154
The Element Pattern 955
Building a Contacts Manager 156
Contact Model 158
Sidebar Controller 158
Contacts Controller 160
App Controller 165
12. The Backbone Library     165
Models 165
Models and Attributes 166
Collections 165
Controlling a Collection’s Order 169
Views 169
Rendering Views 190
Delegating Events 190
Binding and Context 191
Controllers 192
Syncing with the Server 194
Populating Collections 195
On the Server Side 196
Custom Behavior 156
Building a To-Do List 198
13. The JavascriptMVC Library   185
Setup 166
Classes 186
Instantiation 166
Calling Base Methods 169
Proxies 169
Static inheritance 169
Introspection I88
Л Model Example l88
Model 18С1
Attributes and Observables 189
Extending Models 191
Setters 191
Defaults 19e
Helper Methods 195
Service Encapsulation 195
Type Conversion 196
CRUD Events 196
Using Client-Side Templates m the View 197