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 New total english workbook intermediate

New total english workbook intermediate

Сумата се прибавя директно в кошницата


LESSON 1.1          (P4-5)

Vocabulary: friends Grammar: auxiliary verbs (do, be, have) Pronunciation: intonation in echo questions Reading: a changing city

LESSON 1.2          (P6-7)

Vocabulary: personality Pronunciation: sounds and spelling: ea Grammar: Present Simple and Present Continuous Listening: online relationships

LESSON 1.3          (P8-9)

Vocabulary: arguing

Grammar: Present Perfect Simple and Past Simple Vocabulary: phrasal verbs Reading: sisterly love?

Review and consolidation 1                (pio-11)


LESSON 2.1         (P12-13)

Vocabulary: media and film Grammar: defining relative clauses How to... give opinions and disagree Lifelong learning: using the media!

Reading: a newspaper with a difference

LESSON 2.2          (P14-15)

Vocabulary: television Pronunciation: /п/ and /д/

Grammar: the passive How to... describe an object Reading: when no news is real news

LESSON 2.3          (P16-17)

Pronunciation: word stress on word endings Grarpmar: Past Simple and Past Continuous Vocabulary: in the news Listening: news headlines

Review and consolidation 2               (pi8-i9)


LESSON 3.1           (p20-2i)

Vocabulary: lifestyle/home

Grammar: future plans

Howto... complain politely

Reading and listening: house swap with a difference

LESSON 3.2          (Р22-23)

Vocabulary: adjectives for describing places Grammar: comparatives and superlatives Reading: think your city is the best?


Grammar: future possibility Vocabulary: compound nouns Pronunciation: word stress in compound nouns Vocabulary: prefixes and suffixes Reading: the future

Review and consolidation 3               (P26-27)


LESSON 4.1          (P28-29)

Vocabulary: wealth and time Vocabulary: phrasal verbs Grammar: question tags Pronunciation: intonation in question tags Listening: financial crime prevention

LESSON 4.2         (Р30-31)

Vocabulary: personal qualities

Grammar: modals of obligation and prohibition

Pronunciation: connected speech

Vocabulary: shopping

How to... report survey results

Reading: how to not get rich quick

LESSON 4.3         (Р32-33)

Grammar: Zero and First Conditionals with if/when/

un less/as soon as

How to... ask for clarification

Vocabulary: confusing words

Reading: RFID

Review and consolidation 4               (P34-35)

Free time

LESSON 5.1         (рзб-37)

Vocabulary: free time

How to... describe your response to a picture Grammar: Present Perfect Continous and Present Perfect Simple Reading: childhood stories Pronunciation: weak forms

LESSON 5.2          (РЗ8-39)

Grammar: -ing and infinitive Vocabulary: describing pastimes Pronunciation: sounds and spelling: a Listening: films and comic books

LESSON 5.3          (P40-41)

Vocabulary: food

Grammar: countable and uncountable nouns How to... describe a restaurant Vocabulary: explaining what you mean Reading: restaurant reviews

Review and consolidation 5               (P42-43)


Vocabulary: holidays/descriptive language Grammar: Past Perfect Simple How to... describe a memorable photo Listening: travel writings


Grammar: Third Conditional *

Pronunciation: sentence stress in the Third Conditional Vocabulary: word building (2)

Listening: important decisions

Review and consolidation 8               (рбб-67)





Vocabulary: places in a city How to... get around a new place Pronunciation: intonation in questions Grammar: uses of like

Reading: amazing experiences in amazing places

LESSON 6.3          (P48-49)

Vocabulary: travelling Pronunciation: sentence stress Grammar: articles Reading: travel agents’ true stories Vocabulary: expressions with get

Review and consolidation 6               (P50-51)

LESSON 9.1           (P68-69)

Vocabulary: jobs

Grammar: make, let, allow

Pronunciation: intonation for pausing

How to... ask for clarification and deal with difficult


Reading: job blog



LESSON 7.1           (P52-53)

Vocabulary: learning How to... describe a learning experience Grammar: subject/object questions Reading: learning from mistakes

LESSON 7.2          (P54-55)

Vocabulary: personal qualities Vocabulary: word building (1)

Pronunciation: word stress in word building Grammar: used to and would Listening: starting school

LESSON 7.3          (P56-57)

Vocabulary: education

Grammar: modals of ability, past and present Pronunciation: connected speech How to... carry out an interview Vocabulary: learning: idioms and phrasal verbs Reading: retirement

Review and consolidation 7               (P58-59)

Vocabulary: Vocabulary: -ing and -ed adjectives Grammar: reported speech Reading: the boss from hell?

LESSON 9.3          (P72-73)

Grammar: past obligation/permission Vocabulary: job requirements Listening: jobs

Lifelong learning: lexical cohesion Vocabulary: UK and US English

Review and consolidation 9               (p74-75)



Vocabulary: memories Lifelong learning: make it rhyme! Grammar: I wish/lf only Reading: instant memory


Vocabulary: biographies Grammar: review of past tenses Pronunciation: pronouncing numbers How to... say numbers





Vocabulary: change Grammar: Second Conditional Vocabulary: cities

Howto... discuss problems and suggest changes Reading: crazy laws